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    Armed Assault videos

    i can make one if there is any interst. but first eat this :-) (para soldiers) Para Soldiers Thats the german version Is it out now in germany or why do you already have it?
  2. esti_the_big

    ARMA Airfields

    more important if the AI can land on more than one airfield this time?
  3. esti_the_big

    Physics Improved?

    So did BIS improve the physics of the game for AA? or to satchel charges under UAZs still make them appear on the other side of the island? I really hope they did something there, since I don't think altering some values or formulas to change the effect of weight on an objects physics is a very big deal. If physics still suck then hopefully there'll be a patch
  4. esti_the_big

    ArmA reviews

    the thing with having anonymous soldiers was already criticised in a czech review. Guess they had to sacrifice individual character development for having the possibility of changing character ingame. But having a central character is what made the ofp an Resistance campaigns so powerful and immersive (apart from the actual gameplay ). MAybe we'll get to see a campaign with "classic" bis-storytelling in an addon like resistance...
  5. esti_the_big

    What do you *HOPE* will be in ArmA modding?

    Vietnam Mods. AA apparantly delivers a good-working routine for generating dense Foliage, so I think creating realistic Jungle environments is a lot easier now than it was in ofp. And realistic Jungle Environments cry for a Vietnam Mod. I hope VTE and Unsung or Hawkins project get a port for AA
  6. esti_the_big

    Armed Assault videos

    I second that. I don't give a damn about little videos showing reloading animations or if a blackhawk gunner holds the gun correctly when it turns . Hear, hear! I can't belive this are the requests people are comming with. Personally I would take a 50 vs 50 battle, sit my ass in a chopper and watch the battle unfold. Here people are checking if the zipper-animations are in sync and if the velcro sound are realistic. What a bummer this thread must be for the devs. It's like "Hey guys, I bought a new car!" "Cool! Can you take picture of the tire patterns!" "NO! Take a video from the glove compartment!" "Record you honking the horn!" "THE FLOORMATS SUCKS ASS! I HATE YOUR CAR!" Edit: Kudos to Shadak anyways! You must be a very patient man, Shadak. lol But you're right...;)
  7. esti_the_big

    ArmA reviews

    I guess thats a fair review from the mag especially since they're not reviewing as hardcore ofp fans but as neutral testers. Course I hope some mags will give higher ratings (the german gamestar mag had pretty positive first reactions from testers till now and gamestars the best selling mag in europe I think)...
  8. esti_the_big

    Armed Assault videos

    Cool for all these vids to be released, but I still haven't seen one real video showing actually a real battle, its like everyone is walking around just checking out the new features?! It'd really be great if someone uploaded a vid which shows a real, maybe bigger battle with lotsa units and some action...
  9. esti_the_big

    Tonal Redux

    Any plans for porting Tonai redux to AA or will BAS return for AA anyway?
  10. esti_the_big

    Invasion 1944 Alpha Relased

    too bad u couldn't continue But will there someday be a invasion 1944 for AA? after all, you have a finished concept, finished missions, and lots of finished models. Some models might have to be updated to higher visual standards (especially soldier models), but still you guys have a good base to start working on an AA version of Inv44?!
  11. esti_the_big

    Sahrani map!8

    Language might be Esperanto, its this weird constructed multi-national language people created because they wanted to remove language boundaries. It also got this spanish feeling to it check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esperanto Dunno, maybe BIS thought it might be a nice idea or somethin
  12. esti_the_big

    CTI in ArmA

    I quote that... And just to repeat my maybe stupid question: Is this CTI thing also available for Single Player or is it strictly mp?
  13. esti_the_big

    CTI in ArmA

    Is there CTI for single Player as well?
  14. esti_the_big

    ArmA Photography

    not my pics as I stated above... but if I recall correctly it was a 4400 core duo with a 7600 and 1 gig ram. No guarantee on that though. edit mybe we should take the talking to the Arma photography comments thread as this one is getting increasingly filled with non-photographic posts...
  15. esti_the_big

    ArmA Photography

    INteresting comparison... note they're not my screens They seem to have changed saturation a bit, and different landscape textures add do quite a difference. The old pic has definiately more the "classic" ofp colour saturation and textures, though I like the new one pretty well, especially when looking at the other new screens. Maybe the difference is also due to the game-time... Apart from that they've definately added an improved LOD-system, as you can see that close ups are far more detailed (grass! while the game has scaled down detail in the distance. Gives the landscape a bit of an oblivion-style feeling, though BIS has done a much better job in adding an actually still good looking LOD than bethesda did I guess these these optimizations must have been really beneficial to performace, as when compared to older AA versions where Heavy stuttering on high-end machines were reported... I must say I'm really happy the way AA has turned out in graphical quality while preserving the old OFP feeling!
  16. I hope BIS'll offer them as downloads. but anyway I'm sure the community is going to remake them
  17. esti_the_big

    1944 D-Day: Operation Overlord

    >Just a question bout this... afaik this game is already in an internal alpha stadium (they're now saying they're actually preparing for beta), and its said that certain users have access to this alpha for testing... Anyone know something about the state of this alpha or this whole thing just a big piece of vapourware?
  18. esti_the_big

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    Swiss army extremists [im]http://www.abtei-kornelimuenster.de/images/Archiv0601/Schweizer%20Garde.jpg[/img] They sometimes may need some time-off from their demanding service in the vatican BTW Donnervogel if you come along here and read this, do you know more about them? I guess they are well trained. Calls for a vatican-swiss guard mod for arma
  19. esti_the_big

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Whats so bad about swapping damaged buildin models? Like someone already menioned, a similiar system was used in delta force and comanche series and looked pretty good there actually. If they can't implent true dynamic destruction then at least that alternative. looks better than crumpled cardboard house.
  20. esti_the_big

    Latest screenshots available

    At least no crumpling... its a progress. AFAIK there was no building destruction at GC at all, now we know at least that they've got an alternative to the crumpling. I guess the anims for destroyed buildings aren't done yet, must be just a test to show that it works. I'm no programmer, but I guess it's not that much of a big deal to slow down the falling animation and add some additional dust to the whole thing. Plus I think some more debris would look more realistic, imho there should be a bigger and higher pile of debris where that building once stood. Anyway, I don't think its going to be hard to mod additional damage models for buildings, a model for low, some for middle and some for completely destroyed buildings. But I do hope BIS is still going to implent something like that themselves
  21. esti_the_big

    Latest screenshots available

    I'm just thinking how much better Arma will look once the ofp community starts releasing total conversions like FFUR. I can imagine the changes will be even bigger than in OFP due to the heavily increased script commands and hopefully better scripts processing...
  22. esti_the_big

    Tonal Update

    Have you also thought about creating a smaller version of Tonai for less powerful PCs? I remember having to play with heavy fog so Tonai would work fluently. It'd be cool if you could just create a smaller island, maybe half or a third of tonai without sacrifying vegetation detail, because the atmosphere created by that vegetation you use is truely great!
  23. esti_the_big

    ArmA Progress Updates

    You sure about there being no dynmamic destruction? I thought it might be the destruction system which was used in the VBS1 expansion video, its just like said in the interview, a lot of smoke, some debris, and a dynamically created damage structure on the building. AFAIK that feature was then announced for VBS2 (instead of being included in the VBS1 expansion). Quoted from the VBS2 press release, and the devs said in a recent interview that VBS2 and ARMA were using the same engine...
  24. esti_the_big

    Destructive Buildings

    uh... why don't they just use the most classic and resource-friendly possibily and just simply build a destroyed building model which will replace every destruced building? Its looks far better than origami...
  25. esti_the_big


    Great pics, and those bushes are absolutely ok for what they're meant for! I don't think you have to make them higher res (maybe in an AA version some time later...), performance comes first, especially on OFP, and they didn't bug me at all in the demo. Hopw the lack of pics your announcing means you're getting nearer to a next demo release or something