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  1. eh remraf

    Usmc gaia island

    Phaeds great at making special effects. You guys should of seen his artillery pack about a year or two ago. Outfrigginstanding!
  2. eh remraf

    Usmc gaia island

    My favorite part of the island is MCAS Remraf but I guess I'm just biased
  3. eh remraf

    Usmc gaia island

    BTW, WarGames League addon is developed by AngusHeaf
  4. eh remraf

    Usmc gaia island

    Addon pack is the Wargames Addon 2.0 for use in the Wargames Ladder http://www.virtual-wars.com
  5. eh remraf

    Plea to bis to enable helicopter control

    lol tex. Yeah, that would be nice.
  6. eh remraf


    fun stuff.
  7. eh remraf

    Operation flashpoint on x-box buy?

    Yeah, however I'm still going to buy it and support BIS. BTW, I love X-Box live. It's by far one of the best MP mediums to date.
  8. eh remraf

    Smith & wesson .50-caliber magnum

    That thing was modified though. It didn't weight as much as the normal thing.
  9. eh remraf

    New splinter cell demo

    Based on UT2k3 engine. Anyways, I hope the computer versions has a more robust intergration of the karma engine. It's great on the Xbox but they limited it to save FPS.
  10. eh remraf

    Smith & wesson .50-caliber magnum

    Baddest gun  is still the Linebaugh .500 ,and  modified rounds (50 Alaskan) You can read up on Linebaugh's lineup here. http://www.sixguns.com/range/Linebaugh.htm The 50 Alaskan is a modified Linebaugh .500 round that has been lenghtened to about 2.1inches. The upper loads exceed 2000+ fps muzzle velocity and reach  4400 ft.lbs of muzzle energy. Heres a comparison shot.
  11. eh remraf

    Smith & wesson .50-caliber magnum

    I haven't seen anyone mention the .501 Super Linebaugh (sp?) It has a TKO of 52 and I believe thats still more than the Colt .50 mag.
  12. eh remraf

    Know anything about geforce4?

    GeForce 4 Mx cards run the same architecture as the GeForce 2 Mx cards. The only difference is that they've been equiped with faster memory, and have higher clocked core and memory. GeForce 4 Ti is completely different from GeForce 3. I think you meant the GeForce 3 Ti 200 though. If your going to pick one of those cards, GeForce 3 Ti 200 w/ 128mb or GeForce 4 Ti 4200 64mb go with the GeForce 4 as it is much faster then the GeForce 3 card. You wont notice the difference between the 128 and 64mbs as games scale and most are built for under 64mbs still. However, I'd go out and get the 128mb version of the GF4 4200. They're really great cards. I wouldn't worry about Nvidia dumping any new cards besides the GFFX 5800 because they just dropped the ultra version in favor of moving onto the Nv35 chipset.
  13. eh remraf

    Know anything about geforce4?

    Ti = the high end cards Mx= the budget cards
  14. eh remraf

    Know anything about geforce4?

    AGP 8x was a marketing plan... Games haven't even passed the AGP 2x bus yet... So, no real need for them.