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    So few PvP serves?

    running a aas server here under the name of Dogs of war aas maps its a west coast based server. game ip is Seen A few drop in but most one or two at a time . Ive been testing the server and it should be on this mode all the time . would like to a see a 60 player verison and covering more ground. Its a blast to play and would like to make some of my own but could not find the templet that was mention in the link provided by KJU . ---------- Post added at 09:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:59 PM ---------- The hardest part is seeding the servers so to speak. people will not join a empty server and untill you get five in there the server stays empty. Thats partly why the evo servers are full most people like a big crowd
  2. dustoff

    CRCTI Warfare ( cti ) MP

    I ran this mission for a while but there is a problem where the memory usage on the server goes up and the cpu usage gets maxed out . On start up the server is running 18% cpu usage and about 128mb of memory . Soon after the server emptys the memory usgae jumps to 750mb and the cpu rails out at 100% . This is the only mission that does this
  3. dustoff

    So few PvP serves?

    I have a server up for CTF missions only (amoung others). name == "dustoffs ctf only 100mb" Sitting at . Three missions in rotation if the server is waiting state join in and the mission will start . Blacklake coastline forestcrossing. I am looking for other CTF missions to add but there does not seem to be that many out there . would like to see someone make a few with more than 20 players and more towns .
  4. dustoff

    Arma server quad core

    Does the arma dedicted server use mulitcores the right way ? Strange question but running on a quad core kentsfield 3210 . 2.15 ghz quad core machine. Noticed that running the server is using 25% cpu and does not matter if I set afinty to 1 core or all four. it does not apear that Arma dedicated server is taking advantage of all four cores. Server itself seems to run smooth as silk just wish the gaming computer was as fast.
  5. I am running windows 2008 server and it cost nothing extra per month from my server company. Seems to be plenty fast on a quad core machine with a 100md port .
  6. dustoff

    Remote Admin

    any updates on this badly needed tool ? I would be more than happy to beta it for you on my servers.
  7. dustoff


    Ok another smacktard came on the server today named (LNC) Bulldozer. He destoryed every bulding , hanger etc on the air field/. Armac is running but does no good.
  8. dustoff

    BIS, Please Read This

    I was in my server sitting around while I was testing somethings. In comes this smacktard and ask if I needed any weapons , Gave me all kinds and then started boasting about how easy it is to cheat. It was at that I decided to log in as a admin and kick his sorry butt off the server.
  9. dustoff

    Where did all the Berzerk servers go?

    Dusty's game room is running Both on our servers Berzerker and evo two servers no waiting
  10. dustoff

    People ruining a good game

    dup post
  11. dustoff

    People ruining a good game

    We need to start sharing info on people servers have banned. Pass it around so if you get banned from one or two servers you are going to be on a black list and not able to play anymore. I hate the idea of a passworded server and would like to keep open servers running
  12. dustoff

    ArmA AntiCheat for Servers and Map makers

    It would be nice that server admins (dedicated only) and owners had a fourm where we could discuss the idiots comming in to our servers. Would have to be for thouse of use that are running true dediacted standalone servers in a data center. Armaac is nice but Ive noticed a surge in the number of smacktards loggin in the server since I installed it.Almost as if I sent a challange to hack the server.. Some idiot  had let loose some kind of a hack that made the voices start repeating over and over . I logged on a few mins ago and was greated my where are you over and over and over again followed by get in get in get in get in over and over. I had to reboot the server (and restart the evolution). IS there a log file that armaac puts out ? would be nice to share id's that are allready banned so I can add them to my list
  13. dustoff

    ArmA AntiCheat for Servers and Map makers

    Now running 1.006 very good stuff here . not seeing any extra server load while running this either. now we just have to see how this effects these bums.
  14. dustoff

    ArmA AntiCheat for Servers and Map makers

    That be it equalmodrequired was at 1. Dustys game room will be running this anti cheat on both servers.
  15. dustoff

    ArmA AntiCheat for Servers and Map makers

    I put the arrmac stuff in the addons folder and the copied the sixmisc folder to my servers arma fold and put the dta contents in the dta folder. with out the command line -mod=@SIX_Misc it works but with that command line I get the server showing up with the red box. I have tried it with and with out the six misc stuff on my client computer and still get the same error. do I have to use the command line on my client also ? And if so does that mean only people with this anti cheat can get in
  16. dustoff

    ArmA AntiCheat for Servers and Map makers

    When I enabled six misc via the command line my servers show up with red boxes and a wrong verision error. I have arrmac in my addons and six misc and the dta folder installed . with out the command line I get the right ver ??
  17. dustoff

    Dedicated Server IP addresses

    Ive got the same problem even using tcadmin I can not change the ip that the arma server uses. tried every command I could think of .
  18. dustoff

    ArmA AntiCheat for Servers and Map makers

    Dustys game room has added this to its servers as well. Where can I get a list of mods that have this installed .
  19. dustoff

    ARMA woes

    "" Ok, I just upgraded my bro's computer to a 128MB 6800GS ( I know the GS's arn't as good, but it should still run ARMA, especially the fact that the minimum spec is a 128MB 6600) "" Here lies the root of the problem. 128 mb video is not going to run it. I know I had the same problems with the same card . get at least 256 mb.
  20. Dustys game room is hosting a berzerker weekend. two servers Server one starts with Airfield Server two Starts with Obregan Come get some
  21. dustoff

    What stats would you want to see?

    Be extra cool if this info was mage in to a log file for the server .
  22. dustoff

    Berzerker weekend

    Dustys game room is hosting a berzerker weekend. two servers Server one starts with Airfield Server two Starts with Obregan Come get some
  23. dustoff


    Hmm makes me want to change the names of my servers. A names a name guy servers cost and we that pay for servers so others can play for free feel we should be able to name them anything we wish. Any suggestions guys to change the name of my servers to something cool like that. the Monty Python name was the Peoples front Suicide Rescue squad . Dusty of www.dustysgameroom.com
  24. dustoff

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    I havent had much to say but............ After this patch ArmA really stinks. 1.05worked great but 1.08 locks up all the time . sometimes CTD others crashes the whole computer restarting it. Dont even think about changin views while in a tank or even look at the map. Looking at the map causes masive lag. 1.08 is full of locks ups and crashesand graphic problems , I cant belive with this many problems they relesed this er patch. there is anoher problem which effects dedicated servers. when someone crashes out the server is still sending data to the no disconnced client and wont stop unless either that person los back in or i reset the server .I check the server last night and with no one connected I was using 90% of the cpu and was sending data out like crazy to dropped clients. BIS please respond and fix this thing before you kill the game.
  25. dustoff

    Voteing a admin

    Is there away to disable this ? More than once Ive tried to get in to my own server and was kicked. Ive sat there before and watched some jerk asked to be voted as a admin and then when he is he starts kicking people and anyone trying to join. I have to resart the server to get and and once I take admin control the jerks leave. Must be a Bunch of smack tard greifers but Ive got a log of thier ip's so I know who to ban. I just want to stop this . /?