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  1. I am having a strange problem with this . When I create trucks etc its puts two zombies or undead soldiers beside the trucks . Cant kill em or any thing . when I test localy its ok but once I put it my server they pop up. Each ruck or tank has two . Check out the work in progress and you will see what I mean its call beta CTF server night missions . . it should load up , i have not seen this before
  2. dustoff

    DM ->8. Hell_In_a_Cell_2009

    Kev Could you make one with shotguns only has the load out ? Makes for a ton of fun . I run run that on one of my servers 24/7
  3. Yep thats right people complain that there are no PVP servers but never join thouse that are out there. Then the server owner either gives and runs evo , dom or warefare to get players in or shuts down the server. I can afford to have a empty server or two (or four) becuse I run other games on the box which draw enough of a crowd to satisfy my hobbie.Yes running server is a hobbie just like others have hobbies. I feel for the person that rented a standalone server and paid $50- $90 a month to stay empty what we need is to get together and have server partys. each server owner that is willing to have a night where everyone joins thier server to bring people in , the next night we all sit on someones elses server and so on. last time I checkek there wher over 300 servers that where either totaly empty or had one person in them (about 125). I bet thosue 125 are server owners or admins sitting in the server in hopes of getting people to join .
  4. Yep KJU. A lot of games have bots that go away as players join some games even show them as players on the list so people think the server has people playing. The problem with filling up PVP (or any server) is hitting the magic number. A server with one or two wont draw too many people but once the number goes over 5 people jump in . For PVP servers to work you need teamspeak so people can gather and explore the maps while waiting for enough players to make a good game. Problem is too many people only want to jump in a server run the missions as fast as possible get a few kills etc. Others are rambos who will take the first chopper any fly away leaving the squad behind who has been gathering and planing. They dont have the staying power to enjoy the game that Arma is and is not. And if they dont get a kill right away or spend 10 mins getting to the next battle they leave. I can spend hours just exploring the map and getting lost.
  5. dustoff

    Missions by Tankist

    Nice except that using the space bar reveals where the snipers are hidding. Got my rear shot off 7 times. This will be fun .
  6. Fun missions cant wait for the non beta . some times the menus for squad actions are slow to com up. Sometimes airlifts do not happen . I also noticed that there are now choppers in the 48 verison for the land based guys. Nice mission very easy on the server . Now if more people would dare to play this
  7. Both boxes from same provider ? both in the same data center ? Might see if they are trying to load balance thier servers. My servers contoll panel I have the option of assinging which IP the box gleems as its main . And I turned of load balance.
  8. the problem with PVP servers is people will not join and wait for a crowd to jump in . If there are one or two peps in there they go off on thier own and get bored quickly or jump to another server. they most likly spend the whole night jumping from server to server and just give up and join a evo or dom server where at least they can shoot someone No one just sits in a server waiting for others to show up . I managed to get four in last night and me and another guy drove around to all the flags and figured out what order they needed to be taken , the other guy on the other team was just camping out waiting for us to hit the flag he was sitting on . I think we spent an hour and a half driving around and only had a shoot out when where ambushed , died and then took a chopper to straff his hiding spot. I am running devastion 24/7 now on my server and hopfully people will take the time to jump on team speak and then the game and have a good night playing a little pvp. Maybe everyone who wants to lay a little PVP and is willing to take the time to learn the in and outs of it will stop by tonight starting at 8:00 pm central time . VOIP is disabled on the server but I have a team speak server setup so everyone can gather . the fastest ay to find the server is to hit remote and enter the ip of the server or look for Devastion 48 Pavlovo its based on the west coast of the us with a 100 mb port . teamspeak is runnng on the ip of
  9. Could be the way the server box itself is setup. What are you running server 2003 ,2008 ,web edtion etc. I have the same setup , two nic cards 100mb port on each , Arma ALWAYS binds on the first Nic and primary ip. I use the port command to assign the port . If a game allows the ip to be defined then I use my second nic card for that otherwise I just asign ports. . I few games run on the second nic but its main purpose is ftp and downloads for COD5. Never had arma or arma 2 switch or bind to the other nic mid game.
  10. I see A lot of people joining my server for a few seconds and then leave. Dont know what the problem is becuse I get no message other than player x join player x disconnected . can a few join to see what type of message they get or what the problem might be .
  11. dustoff

    Berzerk most fun

    I am currently running berzerk on my server Unlimted War berzerk 100 mb west coast . ip Also have team speak up at
  12. dustoff

    Suggestion to people who host servers

    Same here have a PVP server up and have ran every PVP mission out there and the server stays empty. everyone wants PVP but no one wants to play PVP. I refuse to run evo or dom servers .
  13. dustoff

    player quick disconnects

    Was running the caf combat mission did not know it went in to night time or crashed to desktop as its a standard mission off from a download., looking for one that has briefing and is simple or will edit it and add a briefing. Tired the aas maps but no one could figure them out and just tk'd. I refuse to be another server running evo and domination and know its going to be hard to get people in playing PVP games. I was more worried becuse I got a lot of 5 second log in like they did not even make it to the load screen. I just logged in and found the jeep with the lights on . Its hard to admin 24/7 but I am on it most of the time running around by my self loadin berzerk on it for now
  14. dustoff

    player quick disconnects

    If you cant see it maybe thats why ?
  15. dustoff

    player quick disconnects

    // Example ArmA2 server configuration file // by [KH]Jman, 28th June 2009. http://www.kellys-heroes.eu // comments are written with "//" in front of them. // Password for private servers. Uncomment this if you wish to run a private server // password = "reddog"; // Password to protect admin access passwordAdmin = "***********"; // The name of the server that shall be displayed in the public server list hostname=" UNLIMTED WAR 24/7 server 100 mb "; // Message of the day. It can be several lines, separated by comma // Empty messages "" will not be displayed at all but are only for increasing the interval motd[]= { "", "", }; // Time interval (in seconds) between each message of the day motdInterval=50; // 25% or more players need to vote for mission to become effective // set to 1.5 to turn off missions voting voteThreshold=1.5; // start voting when 1 players connect. voteMissionPlayers=1; // Maximum amount of server slots maxPlayers=64; // Gamespy reporting url for public server list inclusion reportingIP="arma2pc.master.gamespy.com"; // If specified player connects/disconnects and player id are written to file. // The loffile is persistant and appends data on server restart. logfile="myserver.log"; // Enables network traffic logging, client IP etc netlog=1; // Specifies the mission rotation and related difficulty settings. // Leave blank to enable alternative maplist class Missions { class Mission_01 // name for the mission, can be anything { template = unlimitedwar.Chernarus; // omit the .pbo suffix difficulty = "veteran"; // difficulty: Recruit,Regular,Veteran,Expert as specified in *.Arma2profile }; }; // Do not allow players with duplicate ids to connect kickduplicate=1; // If set to 1 players must use exactly the same -mod= startup parameter as the server. equalModRequired=0; // If set to 1, Voice over Net will not be available disableVoN=0; // Quality from 1 to 10 // See http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Multiplayer#VOIP_support/ for codec info. 7 is the best. vonCodecQuality=7; // Enabling VonID displays player name to all clients when client VON is in use. VonID=1; // Set the timestamp format used on each report line in server-side RPT file. // Possible values are "none" (default),"short","full". timeStampFormat=full; // Enables ingame scoreboard. NetStats=1; // Enables death messages ingame DeathMessages=1; // Enables persistent battlefield // This is dependent on the mission specifiying persistence, otherwise has no effect. persistent=1; // Enables signature verification for addons // This will prevent pbo hacks by only allowing pbos that pass servers public key checks verifySignatures=0; // Signature timeout fix regularcheck="{}"; // See ArmA Biki for additional signature commands // EOF
  16. dustoff

    player quick disconnects

    unlimited war server 24/7 100 mb
  17. dustoff

    player quick disconnects

    Wow what a helpfull fourm (NOT). :mad:
  18. dustoff

    More ArmA II than COD servers!

    you have got to be kidding Co5 and cod4 have over 20,000 servers running each and stay full on aabout 75% of the servers Arma II about 500 servers 90% are empty all the time . Dont get me wrong arma is a great game but most people dont grasp the concept , they just want run and gun spawn and die dies . Look at counterstrike and day of defeat source all of which have over 1000 servers each and are always 90% full. This game is not in the main stream and very few game server providers will offer it becuse of that fact , and also due to how much of a resource hog both arma and armaII can be . When I see steam and direct2drive offering a package deal on both titles it tells me sales of the game are not that great .
  19. Ok guys its getting old seeing a empty server or have one or two people join annd having no clue as to what to start tk,ing. Lots of new blood out there that need to learn the game . What I am throwing out here is a invite to see how many people would join in for a night of orginized play on a private server. Team speak will be manditory and wont be using the ingame voip. will be running through some aas maps as well as some CTF maps. Most of these game types people have no clue as what to do . Right now I pulled my server of line to do some updates and loading and testing of missions and waiting for server provider to do a memory upgrade. Looking at FRI or saturday nights (est) time will depend on everyone response. Looking for a couple of people to take charge and be the team leaders. Also looking for a few admins also . PM me for details and such
  20. Very much a work in progress I decied that the ctf mission out where way to boring . Most are the same run and gun take the flag with just diif buldings. I am working on a CTF msp with a twist . Armor support , air support and some nasty at squads running around blowing up your armor. Each flag has a few MG nest in front and there is trucks and armor through out the battlefield which is a hot zone . Each teams flag is on the edge of town with a open battlefield between them. 64 players ctf ,like I said its VERY rough so I am just hosting on my server for testing . I have it set to unlimted time and score so people can play around while I test it for server load etc. I lnow there is a lot to be improved as this was the first rough pass server name is B.I.A. CTF &AAS maps sitting at
  21. I run windows 2003 web edition and it installed just fine . you need to manualy install direct x .
  22. If you did this the number of active servers would drop like crazy as Only clans / clubs would have servers as not too many people will pay to have empty servers all the time (there are enough empty servers). Its hard enough for server owners to get players in as people tend to find one server they like and play there. But to make everyone run passworded servers is silly. If you get too stern on the rules no one will stay and play either. Its a fine balance . Also there are a lot of new comers to the game that are used to the cod5 style of play where icons tell you whos who.
  23. dustoff

    Steal My server

    :yay:Anyone want to steal my server ? Well sort of anyway. Here are my thoughts. Ive got more server than I need and use it has a hobby to host games and what not. I was thinking that there might be a few people would love to have thier own private server for a night. Here is how it works ,and this is just a test for now. If you have a few friends or a few people that you would like to invite over and play Arma in private for a night I can let you have use of the server for one night (6:00 pm CST to 6:00 am the next day). All you have to do is pm me what the private password will be and how many player slots (depending on the mod)and of course what night you wish to have access . You will be provided with admin access to the server so you may change to any of the missions loaded on the server. I can let one server per night go out so its first come first served. You can request more than one night but they can not be back to back nights. This keeps someone from requestion a whole week.I reserve the right to refuse server hogging missions (I have a few on my list) but if its loaded on the server you may run it. there are a few rules that I provide when you request a night but they are simple.
  24. dustoff

    Steal My server

    not if you disable voteing ,
  25. dustoff

    CRCTI Warfare ( cti ) MP

    Need to really tweak this to reduce the server load . I tried the update verision tonight and it again maxed out the cpu rather quickly. Seems to happen if players leave after buying a few troups. Had 4 players on for about 45 mins and no problems server load was 50-60 % cpu usage and about 450 Mb memory . two others joined and I steped out to walk the dog and when I came back cpu usage was railed at 100% (both cores). Memory usage was 650 Mb. Only thing running on the box When I rejoined the Ai that where under my command where going crazy. Seen the same thing with choppers just flying around and not attacking anything or landing.