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    New patch 1.04

    steam is slow to post updates might be a day away thier fourms only says "SOON"
  2. dustoff

    New patch 1.04

    now steam just needs to update..its in thier news section and says to restart the client but no update as of yet
  3. dustoff

    New patch 1.04

    steam has not even released yet
  4. dustoff

    player count dropping FAST

    lots of empty servers , some not even showing up either
  5. dustoff

    ArmA Strike (by RP-Mods.com)

    LOL funny. no not in the least.
  6. dustoff

    ArmA Strike (by RP-Mods.com)

    is this going to be yet another one of your mission's where you are the only ones going to host it ??? or are you going to share this time out ?
  7. I shut my Amra server down too . Too many smacktards that just want to mess the game up for everyone , even went private server but idoits that where members kept crashing the server. Arma I had promise and I ran servers there amra 2 nothing but kids not wanting to do the missions but rather go around dm'ing , tking and blowing up spwan vech
  8. I get that all the time a group will come in and just go crazy disobey the rules run others off etc , trying to sort it I kick and ban the ring leader right off most of the his followers will leave too, but once in a while there will be one guy that has to stick around and complain that his friends where kicked.
  9. dustoff

    Voted admins

    all , someone could vote a admin and that admin shut the server down.
  10. dustoff

    Help wheres the servers???

    Give it time . the server file came out a little while ago. It takes time to get servers updated. I see more and more converting over to 1.03 all the time .
  11. dustoff

    I need this statement explained.

    This has gotten to be Fun reading but what is has done most of all is to raise the number of servers running the the other mission from one to six.
  12. dustoff

    New TANKS ONLY PvP mission

    Its still up , might have seemed off line for a bit while I was working on the server (blocking a few nasty ip addresses).
  13. dustoff

    Chernarus Life (RPG)

    Thank you , I am and will . :)
  14. dustoff

    I need this statement explained.

    cant do that rocket. They call a few scripts that reside on a seperate directory on their server . these scripts are not in the pbo but are called in one of 400 small scripts they scattered in the pbo. Shame they really could share this by just adding a few lines of code that require a user name password to access the files and data base on ther server. they would retain compplete control of the missions and stats . I do it for two other source mods with no problems .
  15. dustoff

    Chernarus Life (RPG)

    I think this whole thread has turned in to bash fest. Should be locked and moved to the clans fourms as it is not a post about a mission released to the community but a thread written to drive people to the OP website and servers. It is plain to see you made a mod for yourself GREAT. Play it on your server and do not share GREAT , good for you its your right . But dont post here in Users missions and say its not for public release and that anybody running any other verision of Sl is either illeagle or a thief . I am running on one of my servers (which stays full BTW) and will be starting a second or thrid one tonight. The mission maker freely shares his missions and updates and gives FULL credit to the orignal makers in the startup . None of the servers running these (mine or others) claim to be offical SL servers as you have stated on this post and your own fourms. I also find it funny that MANY of you members are joining my server and playing for hours on end .
  16. dustoff

    Chernarus Life (RPG)

    The server is now up for 24/7, because we do not want that the cheap SL 1.25 ported ArmA 2 server get more visitors than the official, orginal and legit one. Thanks. Thats a laugh , becuse of this there are more of these servers poping up and getting more players since your post. My question is why announce this here in released missions when you do not plan to release it . this post is just a advert for your server and fourm and not a released mission for the community. Now if you guys would release it to server owners who agree not to give it out to others I feel your missions would fare better. Its something you can control very easy (ask me how in a pm). Ive done it before in other mods where the owner of the mod/mission wanted to control who ran the mission. you could get your mission out there and have some nice us based servers running it.
  17. dustoff

    Server Admins and Hosts Please Read

    Problem is that with a central place where we can download all the keys ,we have to download each mod and find the key . Ok so maybe for people running mods on thier games its not a big deal but server owners have to figure out what mod anyone is using . We need a central place that has the keys with out having to download everymod. Now if anyone has most of they keys I would be more than happy to let someone ftp them to my server and provide a download for server admins to grab all the know keys. I notoced even farmwars gave a seperate link for the keys for his mod but the link does not work.
  18. Cool beans . BTW I am getting zombies again but I think it might be the ups script causing it . I can work around it by making the trucks playable . I am only using the ups script on one mission , I made a quick and dirty mission where you have to capture and hold three flags on the airstrip in utes. As a twist in the mission there is a 10 man guerrilla force roaming the airstrip that hates both sides. And the mission is at night . still a big work in progress but its running on the "capture and hold night missions" server as seen below in my sig . I figured the Guerrilla's will give something for people to do while they wait for enough players. One thing that would be cool if its possible is to set up something that triggers the start of the mission and timer once the server as a certain number of players in it. It would have to let the mission play out even if the player count drops below the set number during the running of the mission. Thanks for this tool, I am going to make a few mission that I will run n my servers, ive tried every mission outthere and none fit what I am after this will help .
  19. C&H sounds nice , going to start working on something for that .. allready have a nice heavly fortified POW camp almos finished and this will work well . Question will C&H work for 3 teams ? And I take it are no limits as to how many flags you can have .
  20. Looking forward to to them all , sorry I brought the zombie thing other wise you would have em out lol. I am looking forward to the c&h and a&s . Currently working on nice pow camp type mission and will use your stuff to pull it together. I will think of names tonight I figured out how to work around the zombie thing too so its not a big deal . what I was thinking if its possible is to have one flag , one team defends and the other has to take it away to a safe zone or zones. Scoring would be strange but your vip idea seems inline
  21. how do you get the illuminant towers to come on . Have two towers at the front of a pow camp that I want lit at night, its a night rescue mission
  22. Sorry did a search but that thread did not come up . thanks that works great
  23. Nice, getting the update now .
  24. Thanks I fixed the spawn point problem by making B axis less than A axis. What I ment to say was that the zombies are there for the first person who joins a new mission and stays there untill he goes away. After that no zombies . I am going to kill the veh respawn and see if that helps as it does strange things.
  25. I do use the simple vech respawn script but does not give problems else where . I noticed if you come in and then leave and rejoin on the same spot it goes away .seems too effect the east side more. Also spawn proctection seems to not work , I can drive right in to the other spawn pont no problem , Mane them eSpawn wSpawn . It puts up the signs but thats all , the mine field works