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    Had a few players on my server . Problem is lack of muitplayer missions. Ive been working on one last two days and in testing stage .
  2. dustoff

    Multiplayer servers.

    got two servers up but no real missions as of right now , am working on some thing simple but hopefully more missions will start poping up to use
  3. dustoff

    Multiplayer servers.

    going to see if jest can get this going on my servers I have two servers up ut right now they are not really setup , will get things rolling tonight
  4. dustoff

    Multiplayer servers.

    Should have a nice 14 slot server up shortly . Will be free flight for a few days untill I can get a mission I am working on completed. this will be a true flight opperations server , no combat no guns just various helio operations . air lifts , etc . will have ip and info shortly as soon as the server is up and I can get it sorted out
  5. dustoff

    ETA for TOH(steam) v 1.02

    please make it fast
  6. dustoff

    Is a server.exe going to be released?

    Thanks but sad to see steam is not patched yet , hope the two verisons play nice ..
  7. Are you going to release a dedicated server file soon ? would be nice to get some nice low ping servers running
  8. dustoff

    dedicated server exe

    know about that but it does not help trying to run on a true dedicated server box.
  9. dustoff

    dedicated server exe

    Thanks will be nice to have real servers
  10. dustoff

    dedicated server exe

    I knew that post thanks , just trying to get word on how its going .....
  11. dustoff

    Is a server.exe going to be released?

    should release it very much sooner so we can get some nice dedicted servers out there .....
  12. pre-load started for me this morning about 5 mins ago....
  13. Is there anyway to get rid of the cars and trucks that rome around and pass thru other objects ? really is annoying
  14. that worked great thanks .... Cant wait for the full verison to be released , pretty cool and different game ... hope they get more details on the roads etc .
  15. I have provided a somewhat faster download link please enjoy. http://www.warzoneusa.com/namalsk_v1.0.7z
  16. 2009/10/05, 16:55:25 "Parameter CTF_timeOfDay set to 600" 2009/10/05, 16:55:25 "Parameter CTF_scoreToWin set to 5000" 2009/10/05, 16:55:25 "Parameter CTF_smoke set to 2" 2009/10/05, 16:55:25 "Parameter CTF_grenades set to 3" 2009/10/05, 16:55:25 "Parameter CTF_gameLength set to 30" 2009/10/05, 16:55:25 "Parameter CTF_deathCam set to body" 2009/10/05, 16:55:25 "Parameter CTF_viewDistance set to 600" trying to set it by using para 1 etc in the missions packs mad by tom anger
  17. havinbg troubles setting the time of day from the server . defaults to night using toms missions
  18. the main problem is in getting the server keys to work the right way. Many have tried but few have gotten the thing to work right. Most of the servers allowing are not checking keys. the way they say (vopsound makers) to do it does not work .
  19. dustoff

    RTS - Farm Wars

    like a dummy I forgot the add on :D
  20. dustoff

    RTS - Farm Wars

    there is a problem in that file it loads the mission on a endless loop. something is missing
  21. Whats going on with arma2 ? player seems to be dropping fast tonight I noticed only about 300 people playing on line with the largest gropu being 26 players in a 64 man server . With a ton of empty servers .
  22. dustoff

    New patch 1.04

    yep every steam user is getting that . Even on a server using steam ..how wierd I had to turn off the check for temp to allow steam users