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  1. really? i guess i never left anything alive long enough for them to use all their ammo and fuel up.
  2. "Destroyed vehicles turn into wrecks, explode appropriately according to the amount of fuel and ammunition they contain. " "Burning and secondary explosions of wrecks." sounds good
  3. dentist guba

    Audio Improvement

    there was some wind sound in ofp i think but it was simply positioned in particular places (e.g. Nogova mountains)
  4. dentist guba

    Graphics engine improvement

    i think it's mainly the rain they need to update, it was quite weird how it followed your view in ofp/arma. the sky looks like it's been improved from some of the recent screenshots.
  5. dentist guba

    Mission Editor in Console?

    there would still be plenty of stuff for BIS to possibly release as DLC even with an editor, user made missions are good but an extra campaign made by BIS using the more powerful pc editor with all the scripting e.t.c. is even better. also im sure many console players would be happy to pay for extra vehicles + weapons e.t.c.
  6. if codies do have such a big view distance then surely it will cut down on the quality of close up stuff and performance.
  7. dentist guba

    Mission Editor in Console?

    BIS may be better at making games, but they don't know how to troll like codies
  8. sadly codies dragon rice won't have mission editor on consoles so you only get one bag.
  9. dentist guba

    Mission Editor in Console?

    it's not MS's decision to stop people creating their own content and make DLC which you have to buy to play the game, it's money hungry publishers who want to squeeze every last penny out of their customers (EA). i guess codies may just have removed the console editor because of being coding noobs rather than simply by choice as it seems like they did try it. having said that i wouldn't put it past them to have done it so that they could have a COD style ranking system, i mean, they already turned Colin McRae rally into an arcade game after the man died.
  10. but that could easily be muddled up with a decimal point and decimal points are used a lot in Physics and computing e.t.c. Anyway, back OT, the reason people are hatin' on OFP:DR just because of the graphics is because CM haven't shown us and gameplay so, really, they are asking to be judged on the graphics (especially with all the hyped up CGI stuff).
  11. dentist guba

    North American Publisher

    i would guess that bohemia have most likely got some interest from publishers at the game convention thing and either have a NA publisher or are about to get one.
  12. dentist guba

    Armor Warfare

    i don't really understand the (supposed) lack of tank interiors, i personally would have accepted OFP aircraft cockpits if it meant there would be interiors for all vehicles.
  13. dentist guba

    ARMA II - UH-1Y Venom In-Game Sounds

    i suppose the game could at least add some echo to sounds depending on a few rough parameters (e.g. if there are any steep obstacles in view, how far away they are and maybe their direction out of, say, four possibilities).
  14. Did you mean to say 1000? i find it funny that Codies have a large number of people whose only job is to advertise OFP:DR and they somehow manage to provide us with less and more dissapointing news and footage.
  15. dentist guba

    New ArmA II Pictures!

    that pic looks pretty good, everything seems to blend a bit better than in arma 1.