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  1. 2 hours ago, retrocz said:

    @poweruser feel free to add that master server to https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wiki/poweruser/ofpmonitor/masterservers.txt.





    It will be nice to add some functionality to PowerServer so you can add servers manually (via some config file), so we can list all current servers and also servers not using new reportingIP (Pioneer, ALC, LOL, ...). Doing some reverse heartbeat (asking servers for state, instead of waiting for heartbeat) should be the key of this solution. I saw some command for that, but loading from file will be nice here.


    There's the command 'addserver':

    addserver opflashr <IP:QueryPort>
      Example: addserver opflashr

    But loading them from a file, would be more handy, especially on a restart. And: saving the current ones before exit

  2. Hey retro, haven't seen you for a while. Oh, you registered just to post on here. Looks like my Thunderbird broke somehow or MS changed the required server login settings. Strange that it did not complain about that. And I was wondering, why everything was so quiet the whole time. Last email, I had gotten, was from Nov 16th, Sorry. Luckily this account here is registered on a different one.


    So where to start ...

    Yes, we do need a new one (at least for the mean time). PFC's website is offline as well, haven't gotten a notice from Rozek

    First one to report was LP (Dec 23th), meaning it is that way for a week already. 



  3. There are a few more servers, that are either still reporting to gamespy or haven't noticed, that the community master server's IP had changed:


    PioneerNet CTI Server -

    [GGC] xrofp CTI Server -

    Gamepower.at Serverhoster -

    CGS OFP Server -

    [ALC]ohol Server CZ - (private one though, requires a password)


    If one you (whoever reads this) is in contact with their admins, maybe let them know.

  4. I got around to fix the failing https connections (http error 403 - Forbidden) in OFPMonitor, which prevented the download of the master server list (and therefor the query of the master server for new installations, as they couldn't get it's IP) and the update information (which breaks the auto-updater). Both files are stored in the wiki repository on GitHub and are still present and accessible there through any other means (with a web browser, a few lines of Java code).

    My guess is that they did "something" on their webserver(s), which caused it, as it has worked quite some time before that. Well, that is the price I pay for depending on them. I yet have no clue what this change is, or how to adapt my previous implementation (with the Indy 10 library) to it, to make it work again.

    So I threw the Indy library overboard and started over with the WinINet API.


    The fixed version is and is available here:


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  5. This server requires several things:

    1. Game version 1.99 (Arma:Cold War Assault)

    2. you have to start your game with the same modfolder as the server: @xrofp Download link (The setting "equal Mods required" is enabled on this server)

    3. You need to join in time when everyone is waiting/setting up the teams. During a game this server is usually locked

    a) to prevent lag, caused by the players that connect during the game

    b) a few of the crCTI mission scripts do not work correctly anymore when players are in the lobby/not in game (specifically the town group spawn scripts fail then)

  6. Yes it does work with mods (or rather: mod folders), though I am not sure what you specifically mean with "this".

    The master server application (PowerServer) is merely managing server addresses, it does not care what mods the servers are running.

    And OFPMonitor let's you create start-up/mod configurations for your selected games (each one got its own) in the lower part of the settings tab "Mod configurations" (Main menu -> Settings -> Mod configurations).

    These startup configurations are then selectable when starting a local game (Main menu -> Local game), or when joining a server (Right click on a server in the list -> Join)

  7. To the ones suggesting changes, pay attention to the title of this thread: ... basic ... support

    By throwing in suggestions that go all over the board you just manage to discredit it.

    Rozek is already correctly suspecting that there won't be coming much, if anything at all.

    That means: Focus on small, but critical, changes/corrections, which don't require a dev to give up his current occupation in the ArmAverse in order to delve back deep into such an old project

    @source code

    I once was longing for the source of just the dedicated server, so I could do with it, what I'm currently doing with the dedicated server for Minecraft. [project link]

    But that hope is forsaken. And the more time passes the less players are left who are going to benefit from it.

    This 5 year old thread once had the same request. I see your position has changed in the mean time, vektorboson.

    I think what W0lle said in there is key. And the ArmA projects all base on each other and back on this game.

  8. The parameters -server and -cfg do not exist for the dedicated server, you can leave them out. But they should not be the problem as the config is loaded.

    The search goes on then..

    In your config check that you have the reportingIP entry only once in there, and that the maxPlayers setting is below 128 (I restricted that setting to 1 - 128 on the master server). Those two were issues for other hosters in the past

    Apart from that I can only offer you a connectivity test then, to check whether something is failing on the master server, and your server is reachable from the outside. I don't have access to the logs of the current master server, so I'll host one on my connection and you let your server report to it.

  9. This worked! Thanks!

    Well, no. It did not. By doing 2) you just added your server to your local server list in OFPMonitor, but that does not enlist it on the master server, so that others can see it too.

    But as you managed to add it locally, you may tell us now if your server has loaded the config file. Just compare the server settings that OFPMonitor reports about it, with the ones in the config file.

  10. Is the config file being loaded?

    In your batch file you have to use the parameter -config=server.cfg (or whatever your config file is called) in order to let it load the settings from there

    Check that by

    1) searching for LAN games in the ingame browser, and see if the server name has changed to what you have set it, or

    2) add it manuall in ofpmonitor (Settings -> Servers -> Add) and enter localhost:2302 - (I assume you run the server on the same computer), and check its settings there)

  11. You also need to forward the ports, that the server is running on. By default those are UDP 2302 and UDP 2303.

    OFPR_Server.exe is the 1.96 server, if you want to host one for 1.99 that'd be ColdWarAssault_Server.exe

  12. The master server at operationflashpoint.be is currently offline (not just the master server, but the whole host), you may use the other one in the mean time. I don't know what the situation there is, I've sent an email but didn't get a reply yet.

    Edit: Got a reply. It's planned to continue the service, but may take a little time until the server comes back online

  13. Maybe, but I won't do it all by myself. I'd prefer a bit of assistance/help there or at least someone providing a full documentation about the used GameSpy protocols.

    I'm a bit tired of having to analyze network traffic in order to find the details of the protocol that I require. And with the master servers gone, it has become quite difficult as I can't get any example replies from them anymore.

    Also I don't play enough ArmA1/2, if at all, to be motivated enough for this task.

    So don't expect me to work towards that, like I did in the last 3 months for OFP.

  14. Your game does not find any servers, because GameSpy has shutdown. GameSpy was the service that served the server addresses to the game.

    The problem you are showing here is the very reason for my work and this topic.

    Download my program OFPMonitor: https://github.com/Poweruser/OFPMonitor/releases

    You can either use it to connect to the game servers. Or enable these settings:


    and your ingame browser will work again. (OFPMonitor has to be running at the same time as the game)