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  1. meaning there will be no problem using SSD disks or IDE drives as long as you dont have many drives right? Btw, which mobo is considered the best for the i7 k processors in the mid/high range prize tag? Only criteria ; O.C friendly
  2. Cant find the one I,m talking about, been googling a lot, but they are kind of useless as they are out of date.. I,m just going to try and fail by myself, until I finallly get the setup that works for me. @johnnydust Doesnt turbo-mode turn disable some of the cores? in order to increase the clock of the first core? If so, I dont see how turbomode should be so good if that is the case. Maybe for games that dont support 4 cores alright..
  3. yeah.. thats the thing with ArmA.. I feel its never ever going to go "smooth" ofc "smooth" is not like smooth in battlefield or whatever other fps, but you know.. you can have a rig funded from selling youre home and still have "slow" fps. Read a good ArmA tweak page once, theres a lot of performance to gain, when you know which settings to turn on/off and so on. And whats the thing about the video RAM setting? ultra,high, low etc, what is 512megs for instance? is Ultrahigh mem setting like 2gigs of video RAM? I wont get my new rig until february 8th, but I,ll sure be doing some tweaking back and forth, wanna get to the bottom of all the settings/performance tweaks. I,ll be benching a vid as well, almost same specs as Kenwort, he,s got the 580, I,ve got the 470, and I,ll be running 2 more gigs, and i7-2600k at same frequencies. Could be interesting to compare results.
  4. Is SLi perfectly utilized for ArmA 2? Or does only the 1st card get temperatures and load? I am considering getting another GTX 470, I,d love to have the 570, but since I just got the 470, I,m either getting 1 more , or bying the Zalman V3000F aftermarket cooler to clock it, and get rid of those awful temperatures.
  5. Bought this today ; Intel - Core i7 2600K 3,4GHz Quad core, 8GB DDR3 1600MHz, ASUS Sabertooth, P67 chipset But not going to get it until the 8th february:/ Hope I,ll finally be good for ARMA OA now, I,ll be playing it on a 1900x1080 27" I,m planning to oc the cpu at once to around 4ghz, guess the GTX 470 will be my bottleneck now? ---------- Post added at 04:40 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:36 AM ---------- Well, I,ve got around 30fps generally with my build,at 1900x1080 on SSD disk, check my signature for my current specs, ordered some new parts now, want to get up to 40-50fps
  6. [/color] 620W is a lot but actually you should only look at how much Ampere's can be delivered on the 12V line as cpu's and gpu's almost exclusively use 12V. My psu (Corsair AX 750) can deliver 62A*12V=744W on 12V. But older psu's often have about 70% of power on 12V. I,ve got the same PSU as you got there, only its 620. Still gets great reviews. My experience with PSU has always been go for the expensive ones and not the most "powerful" ones.
  7. Im also convinced on the i5 - 2500k, along with asus Formula motherboard (dunno which ram yet, i,ll read some reviews) but question remains ; should i just get another 470gtx and hook them up in SLI? or get 1 new 570GTX? My psu would handle SLI, according to psu calculator at least.. IT IS A KILLER RIG! but why wouldnt you want to look at some reviews of the SSD i have? or alternative the intel x disks.. i think the one i bought is on sale now, can probably get it under 200£. great R/W specs.
  8. Hey, thanks, but if im first to upgrade i want to go for an i7, question is how much better will ArmA:OA run? As for my RAM, if i upgrade i will crush those bricks under a rock, worst RAM i,ve ever had. And then i,ll be getting 8gigs. My RAM has always ran on 1.65v,s but i its supposed to have 1.80, got loads of bluescreens on the 1.8v tho. Does ARMA OH utilize 6 cores? and what is the memory cap ingame?
  9. Hey peeps, currently running ; Intel 9450@3.0gz OC,d. 4 Gigs of DDr3 1600 Gainward Nvidia GTX 470 Corsair force 120 SSD. I see a lot of discussions about the performance in AH, and it seems like whatever computer you get, you wont be able to top 50fps. However i think getting an i7 must the only logical upgrade for me, I,d love to push some extra fps into the game, and I dont think buying another GTX 470 would make any difference.. but maybe a RAM upgrade would? Currently got about 30fps @1900x1200 (the rest is default) Thoughts? Cheers!