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  1. DSR1 Sniper Rifle hia community after testing endless time with low skills in modding for arma, sadly i give up for now. however, i would like to show what i've tried to do. i hope, there is someone out there of the highskilled guys who can do better than me, hopefully creating a great DSR1! here are some picture of my current result, a patchwork of models, textures and configs... ...some more infos about this hightech-weapon: http://www.dsr-nr-1.de
  2. durandal68

    Mapfact.net releases DAC

    @silola thank you!!! i will try that asap! really!!! great piece of work! it's like a new game!!! go on with this good stuff, silola! edit: i've tried! yesssss!!!! it works! thanx a lot...i did a MP mission with a activation-chain of five zones. runs smooth & perfect now!! yehaa...
  3. durandal68

    Mapfact.net releases DAC

    need help: DAC_ACTIVATE problem... hi there first: DAC is the killer-app!!! thanx mapfact!!!! ...i'm testing a while now with some own simple missions. now i've tried the dac_activate...i've created a zone, with "5" as activation var. then i placed a trigger with "dac_activate = 5"...everything works fine, BUT (!, allways i'm using a later activation of a zone all the later created groups in this zone does'nt move anymore to the waypoints! they just stand still at the created (waypoints) positions. doing a zone without "dac_activate", everything works normal! ...btw i'm using a clean ofp inst 1.96 witout mods! any ideas??? thanx for answers...