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  1. SO is this a newer version of the plane  or not  rock.gif

    BTW:Hawk  released an updatet MI-26  with new scripts

    Quote[/b] ]

    ver 1.71

    -random number script

    -modified user actions

    -changed number texture

    -changed zamerny point

    -modified model


    -modified scripts


    ver 1.72

    BIN cpp file

    changed lods

    improoved scripts


    But the intro mission does not work sad_o.gif

    dl from hiere

    image over 100kb mad_o.gif

  2. Wystapil nastepujacy blad.

    Przykro nam, na dzisiaj juz wiecej danych z tego serwera nie mozna sciagnac. Zapraszamy Jutro.

    IT means

    an error acured

    Were wery sorry today you can't download any files from this server.Come tomorrow.


    @r1c0cH3T Yep HAWK has his own FTP wink_o.gif

  3. I don't now if that was reported but when i want to view the intro of malden island it says intro script.sqs not found sad_o.gif and I dont now if someone told about that the textures of explosion are not changed the same as bis old ones the tanks have no second MG only PKT.

    AND Maa when are you going to update the mode please do add a new sound for KVPT because it has an old bis one (crappy) and for the granades too and do something with mi-24 AT weapon the at6 have even problem hiiting not moving target crazy_o.gif

    but stiil its a great job you guys did and alot of great stuff to play with in ofp biggrin_o.gifbiggrin_o.gif