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  1. AKM74 released his great apc pack with the new units it's cool images soon smile_o.gif

    in this pack

    Quote[/b] ]- BMD3 - (green and desert camo)

    - BMD3M - (green and desert camo)

    - BMP3 - (green and desert camo)

    - BMP3 - Arena (green and desert camo)

    - BTR80 - (East and resistance side)

    - NSV 12.7 - (East and resistance side)

    - KORD 12.7 (East and resistance side)

    - ZU23 - (East and resistance side)

    - ZU23M - (East and resistance side)

    - Konkurs M (ATGM) - (East and resistance side)

    - VSS Snipe Rifle - (East and resistance side)

    - PKM MG - (East and resistance side)

    - SVD Dragunov - (East and resistance side)

    - AK74 - (East only)

    - AK74 GP - (East only)

    - Sobr Soldier - (East only)

    - Spetsnaz Soldier - (East only)

    - Chechen/rebel/ressistance soldier (Resistance side)

    download at:flashpoint.ru

    cheers AKM74

  2. Quote[/b] ]Poland was in nazis camp first thing i hear  

    such thing never happend in fact we fightet with you to defet the nazis

    I know it. He talk about 1968, not about ww2. I just remind him that it was combined forces of Warsaw pacts armies, who were in Prague in 1968. And Russian among them was not even in majority.

    aa if that so yes but that is not the hole truth this was "wspolnaja operacja bratnich wojsk socjalistycznych"

    so all armys of warsaw pact were there in a huge number.

  3. Here you are:





    Now its just a prototype the finale version will look difrent.

    BTW:do you know that another modernization of ouers PT-91 is coming this time they want to put in those tanks L-44 or L-55  gun I wonder how it is going to look ??

  4. As I just said I cannot wait. Many, many months ago there was an idea of making Polish T72M1 modification, PT-91 Twardy (this is also a new MBT of Malesia), I hope someday it would appear.

    But it is now in prototype stage under testing the tank is named PT-91M and Malesia buyed those tanks about 64 as I remember smile_o.gif

    EDIT if you want i can show you pics

  5. BTW:Hawk  released an updatet MI-26  with new scripts
    Quote[/b] ]

    ver 1.71

    -random number script

    -modified user actions

    -changed number texture

    -changed zamerny point

    -modified model


    -modified scripts


    ver 1.72

    BIN cpp file

    changed lods

    improoved scripts


    But the intro mission does not work sad_o.gif

    dl from hiere

    just open the mission.sqm in the demo and remove from addons[] and addonsauto[] all instances of ash's armour pack and BAS MH-47, it will work fine then.

    What i found is that the Mi26 has no shadows and that the bmp, while on air in sling leaves track marks on ground rock.gif

    Also, that hwk_mi26.pbo has a hidden new version (i think) of Hawk's 2S19 Howitzer inside smile_o.gif

    I fixed the mission long time ago smile_o.gif about the hidden 2s19 going to check that out btw there is an updatet version of an-124 with paradrop script on HAWK'S site smile_o.gif

  6. 1. Machinegun on Mi-8MBT2  is movable or fixed in reality?

    In version used by Russians the machinegun dosent move.

    Quote[/b] ]2. Have anybody good sound for BMP?

    Why the sound that is now is very good i really like it.