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  1. but there is something that rivet my attention  in the image over the head of russian spetsnaz there is moving a vehicle i think this is a BMD-1 am I right rock.gif

    We can neither confirm or deny that information. tounge_o.gif

    I'm an international ofp spy tounge_o.gif must know its my mission to uncover the secrets biggrin_o.gif

  2. Your a cool man AKM74 that you are still updating  this pack the work that you do on it is really good.

    I have a few sugestions to it:

    1.What about adding those numbers an both sides of the vehicles not only on one side.

    2.Could you put some markings of country attachment.

    3.And the last thing its some more work but could you make a camuflage for some of the vehicles because the only green and desert thing are a bitt boring(if you want i can send you some pics with vehicles used in RF)