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  1. Ho! And don't forget your fabulous MIG-15.

    OK, but I'm still little bit scared of Mig15's cocpit, which is the only one missing detail...

    I love planes as well!

    And planes loves me :-D

    Those pics of your work are simply superb realy cool stufff you guys are making  biggrin_o.gif  biggrin_o.gif

    And jennik if you want some good MIG-15 cocpit pics i can send you just PM me wink_o.gif

  2. hehe this update Hawks MI-26 was released on 15 april tounge_o.gif

    Quote[/b] ]Unfortunately every time I try to release cargo after landing, I get killed because transported vehicle is spawned on my head

    and yes ther is a bug with transportation script i think it will be fixed in next update.But now try to unload the vehicle hangign you chopper few meters from the ground and then qickly fly away somteims the vehicle will not fall on you biggrin_o.gif

  3. Hey Maa i saw on combat photography that youare doing a variant of bmp-1 the BMP-1P is it going to be included in the next patch.???

    And one thing more are you going to add new sounds to the main gun of bmp-1 and bmp-2rock.gif

  4. been plaing around with this pack textures are great models and sounds too  biggrin_o.gif the Grad louncher with it effects is cool wink_o.gif

    a really good addon!!!!!

    Quote[/b] ]ZiRo Posted on April 23 2004,00:24

    Is it just me or is there a bug with all of the signals - they give a empty1 not found error.

    maybe you have downloaded a corrupted file mine are working very well -no error mesage

  5. The ZIL pack is released!!!!:


    Included in the pack:

    Zil 130:

    - Zil 130 chassis - truck tractor

    - Zil 130 onboard

    - Zil 130 dumper

    - Zil 130 fuel tanker

    - Zil 130 fire engine

    - Zil 130 reammo/support truck

    Zil 131:

    -Zil 431412 chassis - truck tractor

    -Zil 131 onboard

    -Zil 131 covered - light canvas

    -Zil 131 covered - camo canvas

    -Zil 131 fire engine

    -BM-21 "Grad" MLRS on zil-131 chassis

    And this features:

    - randomly numbers of trucks

    - natural sound of Zil truck

    - highly detailed cabine interior

    - working special signals on fire fighting trucks

    Thx Nashe Orujie for this great addon.:)

    Now i'm going to test it out. smile_o.gif

  6. WOW really good work "Nashe Orujie" the trucks are looking superb now just wait till release smile_o.gif

    One question about this pack what happend to the air-defence version that was shown some time ago why isin't it included in the pack rock.gif

    Quote[/b] ]Denorc[ORCS] Posted on April 15 2004,14:13

    BM-21 are not based on ZIL

    They are based on URALs and ZILs i'v seen  a lot of pics at military exhibitions when BM-21 system was based on ZIL.

    But one more thing don't you know that in Russia "everything is based on evrything" wink_o.gif