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  1. @ Dec. 06 2003,22:07)]Have you also tried OFP version 1.94b with -nomap parameter?

    I don't get it?!How to start ofp with nomap  rock.gif

    Right click on ofp shortcut and add "-nomap" (without quote's)


    "C:\Program Files\Codemasters\OperationFlashpoint\FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.EXE" -nomap

    Thanks!!!!now my fdf1.1 works smile_o.gif

  2. some self control so I left before I could go crazy.

    I wish I had some of that sad_o.gif

    BTW: Posting some for a friend, bobcatt - maybe he will post here as well.

    He has....

    -- Vehicles --

     M998 HMMWV

     M151A1 Jeep

     UH-1 Huey (but a bit trashed)

    -- Uniforms --

     Cold War Sniper Uniform

     Vietnam Tiger Stripe Uniform

    -- Hats --

     Russian Airborne Beret

     AH-64 Flight Helmet

     Russian Tanker Helmet

    -- Other --

     Russian Military Backpack

    Yes, he has more... a lot more. I think he's going to start a museum.

    He used to have....

    M422 Mighty Mite

    Yes, he used to have more. Not sure if it's a whole lot more, but it would have been good in a museum.

    Hmmm...nice collection I have only an UAZ smile_o.gif But my father haves 2 *littel* vehicle that remind him from years in army it is MT-LB and PT-76.Unfortunately my server is down sad_o.gif so I can't show the pics.If anybody want o see them tell me and I will send it an email.

  3. Maybe they could make an expansion pack with modern armor.

    Yes I agree with that biggrin_o.gif But it would be very cool if in this pack were more light armor You know BTR-60-70-80-80A-90 Bmp-1-1P-2-2E-3,BTR-T, BMD-1-2-3, WARRIOR,BRADLEY,MARDER,BRDM-1-2,STEYR PANDUR, FUCHS-2,SKOT, PIRANHA-3-4,AMV PATRIA don't you think we could have more fun with those vehicles!!! wink_o.gif

  4. I suggest you go read the forum rules, and quickly.
    Quote[/b] ]§2)No discussion about illegally obtained software

    All discussions about warez, piracy or leaked software are strictly forbidden, such threads will be closed and will most likely result in a permanent ban for the instigator

    OK OK no problem.

  5. Windows XP will do. Or, you could buy a copy of Longhorn from the software "pirates" who just acquired a copy of it blues.gif .

    As much as you can afford tounge_o.gif . A good first goal would be about 300Mb of RAM, but after that I'd work up to 500 Mb or so.

    Wow 500 RAMs now my budget is going to suffer crazy_o.gif but I already purchased a new proc 2.60GH and 256 RAMs does it not enough! A new windows I can get anwere i now a lot of pirates smile_o.gif so that's no problem.

  6. @DM

    I agree. I said I believe in them.

    I'm looking more forward to it than to any BAS addons. Since I'm a russian stuff fan. I praised them much in the past. This time I narowed it down to almost only the criticism. Sometimes you have to be a bit harsh to make clear that you're critisizing. And as I know internet comunities. For every critic RHS gets five people kissing their feet ;)

    I hope things (and Shadow) will cool down again. I'm not a bad person.

    Let's conclude with this since I'm in a good mood:

    "I wiped their ass often enough. Once I wanna shit myself" - imaginary quote (and NO offense here!)

    Wow man taket more easy the RHS needs time since this is the first addon the'r making!!!I'm a big fan of east armor!!And I'm to waiting for this relase.Sure they could relase unfinshed addon and what fun would you have from it! Remember if you want something good you should be more patient!!!

  7. The base used here was a Polish BRDM, those have the sidedoors, the Ukrain mods of the BRDM Morozov offers has it also but Russia still uses the old variant with a lot lil differences like the sidedoors...

    Btw we make a few BRDMs...

    @Milkman, didnt you once said you were intrested to join, never got a mail  wink_o.gif

    Yes that is a Polish variant of BRDM the full name is   BRDM-2M96i  and its only half way of modernization proces to  vehicle in   standard BRDM-2 Zbik-A in reco version eqiped with hi-range termal camera STN Atlas BAA, a radar AN/PPS-5C MSTAR,anti lazer protection,side doors, antitank rocket system and meany more the pics of those vehicles are on this site brdm pics  So I have one more qestion are RHS going to do something from Polish armor rock.gif??

  8. If you're on a tight budget you might want to increase your RAM first, 192mb + ME is a bad mix, ME is a notorious memory leaker, after playing for 10 mins most of your RAM will be gone and it won't be coming back until you reboot.

    you mean that i have to get a new windows! and how much RAMs?rock.gif?

  9. Yes, CSLA II. MOD is total conversion.

    It changes many original settings, replacing standard models, adding new and replacing old animations, .....adding new stuff, ....and many more.

    But are you going to make a T-72M4CZ with working SKO Turms?rock.gif

  10. I have a BRDM-2, reconfigured, retextured, but the mod it is from made it binarized, so I cannot make new texture maths, fix three bugs (Missing texture, no shadow, missplaced parts). I want to make a Resistance version, but I need an unbinarized version, I have tried to contact them, but as of now to no avail. (Email sent 2 days ago) I also got a B-52, completly redone from that beta released ages ago, I just need to get Oxygen to work properly on my computer to add new features. I am also struggling with the old Current Conflict marines, making new groups, weapons etc. I am trying to make them as hold overs until Earl/Suchny (SP) get their new ones released.

    Here are some pics




    But you know that in russian BRDM-2 there are no doors on the side of the vehicle.