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  1. Nope, they were making the platypus. (Su-34 or 32? Make up your mind!)

    their making SU-34 the ground attack airplane version and SU-32 the antiship version! because ther are 2 versions of this plane unclesam.gif and that will be a beutiful pack and maybe a present for this xmas biggrin_o.gif who knows?

  2. WTF , i finally spent 3 hours d/lding this and i got a corrupt archive error while extracting  mad_o.gif  mad_o.gif

    Why always meeee , did you guys check the files rar on before uploading to see if its fine?

    Sorry i am very angry i spent 3 hrs on a 56 k and got zilch  sad_o.gif

    Got the same modem as yours no problem by d/l wink_o.gif it took me just 1h30mins smile_o.gif to get it

  3. The pack is just great!!!!Weryyy good work on the pack Suchey and all you people that make this pack available for us smile_o.gif  Got only one question Suchey  when I play the Russian marines they  only have one optic sight sight06.jpg I think that you maked more optic sights for Russians  or is it my imaginations rock.gif So were they any other sights for Russians???

  4. Quote[/b] ]Beatifullllll just    atleast someone is making my favorite plane SU-30 HUUUra an the SU-34 look cool man when those planes go out  I will play and play play a lot of days this is what ofp needs                    sorry for bad english

    I wish you happy playing, if I would ever finish Su-30...

    Man you got to relase this greta plane blues.gif because in ofp east needs some planes to counter the air domination of west but if not....hudson will relase hes great work wink_o.gif and that will be something to play with for days biggrin_o.gif

  5. Su-30_1.jpg

    Beatifullllll just  wow_o.gif  atleast someone is making my favorite plane SU-30 HUUUra an the SU-34 look cool man when those planes go out I will play and play play a lot of days this is what ofp needs biggrin_o.gif                   sorry for bad english

  6. Since fast multirore figters are an second position to make it for ofp (still waiting  for an good SU-30)I have a propositon to RHS make first an SU-39 way better then an old SU-25.The SU-39 is more modern plane, can carry more guided weapons  has bigger fire power ,it armor is greater so the plane can take more fire and still continue its mission in danger area. And no SU-25 has such beatiful camouflage as SU-39 wink_o.gif



  7. Hi all.

    When looking at www.bwmod.de I found a very interesting information.

    The "Military Mod Project" (MMP) has taken control of the german bundeswehr mod.

    Very good news for fans of bw addons.

    They plan to release single addons.

    When it´s finished, it will be released.  smile_o.gif  smile_o.gif

    MMP has released several addon like the BO105 helicopter, the MAN trucks or the S56 chopper.

    I wish them good luck!


    /me thinks about addons like the Tiger helicopter smile_o.gif


    Let´s use this thread to discuss all available and future bw-addons.


    MfG Lee smile_o.gif

    I never had the MAN trucks sad_o.gif  Can you gave me a link to them rock.gif

  8.  I'd agree with rearward facing radars,

    Yep and I have just found some info about this radar  It is   Fazotron-NIIR Kopjo-DL a light radar with an active antena  with phasic chic it is mounted in airplanes tail the task of this radar is to monitor the situation behind the plane.Its purpose is not to guide rockets its task is only to steer the  planes selfdefance system. wink_o.gif