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  1. those companies are good but seen better! Try those: SKIF,ZVIEZDA,ACE all of this is on this site or ITALERI wink_o.gif

    well those russian/eastern brands are pretty random , you can have excellent models and well ........ scraps of plastic , but sure they're good if you're interested in Varsaw pact products , but they sometime need a lot of ameliorations and reworks

    *edit :

    when i said that i hadn't seen the 1/72th line smile_o.gif this sounds good on the other hand .... 1/72th models are a lot more easy to rework

    I know all the models I'd made from east block always bought them from ZVIEZDA and its the best from all Russian companies all models are very good quality.But when i wanted to get some west stuff only ITALERY its the beast for me!!! smile_o.gif

  2. Hey lukemax you could do this RPGs since nobody is making it!!!                                                                                                                   oth080_3.jpg  Grenade launcher "MiniMan"

    oth080_5.jpg     The jet antitank grenade RPG-22                                                          

  3. for me the real one seems to be the russian version of what ukraine sells as OPLOT.

    Sure a lot lil differences but it seems pretty similar...

    No way. Black Eagle is a technology demonstrator and OPLOT is full operational tank entering service in Ukrainian army.Those tanks only look thesame in fact their are two different vehicles.

  4. That's better than nothing. And usually AI disembarks immediately if the vehicle comes under fire, so it should work fairly good without the scripts. And human players surely know when it's time to jump out wink_o.gif.

    ... but it is looking bad, when turret is moving through cargo bodies sad_o.gif

    So if it looks like that release the APCs without external cargo smile_o.gif you will add it later in an update because can't wait longer for this great mod crazy_o.gif


    Too expensive + not sold to many countries

    Quote[/b] ]YAK-144

    Never made it into duty in any significant numbers.

    Also remember that we are a small team. Making loads of planes from scratch is not really an option now.

    OK so forgott abaout YAK-144 and just use our imagination and Nogova is a very rich country and all of their air fleet are AV-8B. wink_o.gif

    btw:FLK mod maked an harrier so you don't have to make it from scratch.

  6. hmm guys...maybe if Nogova had a big  budget they could have in their arsenal BAE  AV-8B HARRIER or YAK-144 to defend their selfs. Those planes better fulfills the CAP missions an a small island as Nogova, their propertys of short start and landing is an great andvantage.After destroing the runway those planes will be still eable to attack the agressor.             Just my view of the situation.

  7. OK I played the tanks reeeally great!! But have one question to you  Shadow NX in those tanks commander don't have radar(don't now how to call it in this rectangle above the tank you see enemy as red square and after destroing it as white) only gunner am I right? Now is that going to be done that gunner and commander will have radare in finale release of T-64 pack and if all future released tanks??? Just like Sigmas T-72-90 tank pack had.

  8. We have some VERY BIG problems now:

    1) we still don't have cargo scripts for BMPs sad_o.gif

    2) virus at computer where are files for campaign localization to english  crazy_o.gif  mad_o.gif  sad_o.gif

    another things are finished and ready....

    hmmm I think I got a solution...

    1)maybe you could get some scripts of cargo from RHS or somebody who has something like this smile_o.gif

    2)stop going to those free cz porno sites and you won't have this problem in future tounge_o.gifbiggrin_o.gif

    now for reall take a chill if it needs time to be finishd we will wait for this great mod to be well done withaut bugs and the bigest reason its xmas one time of year you can relax so no overworking and have a happy new year smile_o.gif srr of bad english

  9. I like this addon very much!!!!! especially for its radar comunication, the precision of rockets and new textures cool things wink_o.gif                Littel oftopic now could you do something with Marfy's SA-13 from MT-LB pack because i realy like this pack  but the rockets of SA-13 are the worst i seen in ofp they have problems even hitting the ch-47 with no flares  crazy_o.gif  !! So could you do better rocket.I now you guys are good at this    biggrin_o.gif