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  1. Quote[/b] ]they might suck but they are realistic and detailed so if there is no need for major remodeling then no
    hmm maybe the interiors are realistic but for older versions tanks now the last production series of russian tanks have totally difrent equipment inside tounge_o.gif and for the totally new tanks as OPLOT and BLACK EAGLE they interior dont have even their counterpart in bis made interiors.

  2. And you know that beyond a shadow of a doubt???    Do the tandem warheads use penetrating slugs?  Why did the explosive portion of the warhead penetrate the tank?  However I must say that the splash pattern on the tank near the area of impact does look like a RPG hit or that of some type of HEAT warhead.   But I would not rush to judgement that it was a new RPG warhead that the Iraqis may not even have.   If that what it indeed was, then I would agree with the Russian title of "Abrams killer" for those new RPG-7 tandem warhead rockets.

    But unless you are a munitions expert or know some of the details about this ammunition then I would not rush to judgement.  There are other AT weapons possibly responsible.

    I was just hoping that perhaps someone here knows some details about Russian AT rockets and their warheads.  So far Sigma seems to know the most.

    For example is it possible it was an SPG-9 rocket?  An AT-3 Sagger missile or a more powerful ATGM?

    Chris G.

    aka-Miles Teg<GD>

    well the splash patern dosent look like fom an HEAT or SABOT round and I wouldnt tell it if i'd head a support but i had a raport from the place from attack exam by us specialist and then with the fotos of the abrams were shown ours specialist  if you want i can send it to you an email but you have to translatet because its in polish. besides the RPG-7WR is not super new it was design in mid 80' but all the time upgradet.infact the energy of its warhed after penetraiting first flank of the tank was still beeing able to penetratet  tank through.

  3. The only instance a foreign vehicle would be done by RHS is if that vehicle is actually originaly soviet. AS in the T55s we were working on the T55 and since china also uses it we decided to include a Type 59 and then a Type69II. But currently we are thinking about narrowing our export theme to primarily soviet and iraqi.

    Yeh cool but are you going to do in near future IT-1 Drakon this is such class vehicle that are missing in this game and it would be cool to see it in ofp smile_o.gif

  4. And again, it´s me with a question regarding the T55. smile_o.gif

    On which side the gunner is sitting? If i sit in the T55, looking around me, I sit on the left side (I can see the right hatch and behind me the left hatch). But if I turn out as a commander (I can´t turn out as a gunner? Why? On the T64 its working), Im sitting ALSO on the left side of the turret.

    So my questions are: why can´t the T55 gunner turn out (is looks "cool" driving around with all man turned out smile_o.gif and why turns the commander out on the side the gunner seems to be sitting (when looking from inside)?

    It's easy because in t-54-55 gunner is sitinng under the tank commander look t54a-in.gif

    and you can not turn him out But in t-64 evrything is normal as in todays tanks gunner is sitting on the left side of commander.

  5. Where did the pics of those destroyed T-64s come from? I didn't think that they'd ever seen combat. Chechnya?

    but they were used  combat in Chechnyea and moust Afghaistan:p

    btw:sine you guys from RHS are making vehicles T-55-64 era I have a littel request cuold you make  IT-1 DRAKON tank killer because its a cool vehicle and such class never seen in ofp and its based on T-55 chassis it wont be much work just a new turret  wink_o.gif  or could I expect it in near future rock.gif                       sorr for bad english

  6. You ppl are so funny.

    So whats after the T55's tankieboy wonders...

    well there is a majour update coming up to fix up all the prob we've seen with the T55 pack. Also the T64 pack needs to b finished off. Then i believe we will be able to finish all the tank packs:



    T80/T84 and T90

    Then we'll move into a different field since by then there are no more modern russian MBT left which we havnt done. We will see.

    Thanks for the reply.

    We need some west armour now IMHO

    I heard that sigma wants to relese his M1 and M60 packs wink_o.gif

    btw:hey since you guys from rhs are finishing your great t-64 pack I fund some pics of destroyed t-64 that could be add to rhs misc as destroyed model.



  7. Ok  I read this all above and don't now why ppl say that a T-72 could not kill a M1 why not with new amunition good and motivatet crew for victory it is possible.not always dominance of technology is so importent a lot depends from soldiers and their motivation to fight.

    btw:Sigma relly like your T-64 but  i think that in finale release it should have some camo version not only olive green

    like this:bst012_1.jpgbst012_2.jpg

  8. those companies are good but seen better! Try those: SKIF,ZVIEZDA,ACE all of this is on this site or ITALERI wink_o.gif

    well those russian/eastern brands are pretty random , you can have excellent models and well ........ scraps of plastic , but sure they're good if you're interested in Varsaw pact products , but they sometime need a lot of ameliorations and reworks

    *edit :

    when i said that i hadn't seen the 1/72th line smile_o.gif this sounds good on the other hand .... 1/72th models are a lot more easy to rework

    I know all the models I'd made from east block always bought them from ZVIEZDA and its the best from all Russian companies all models are very good quality.But when i wanted to get some west stuff only ITALERY its the beast for me!!!   smile_o.gif

    Tamiya is the best of all, no more to say

    i remember of an ISU152 model I made , it was an Italeri rebox of Zvezda and believe me , i've had to put some hard work ........

    what???all the models I had from ZVIEZDA were top quality maeby italeri scrued the work but not zviezda with your model smile_o.gif no offens but ZVIEZD is the best fuck the rest!! tounge_o.gifwink_o.gifsmile_o.gif