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  1. Well I have a remade and retextured Ural if you want i can send it to you.It isint so good as MARFYs trucks but it will do.



    or there is one more car for east that you can use



    UAZ 3741

  2. Another great mod stop working for ofp1 they say they will do only models and textures for ofp2 nothing more sad_o.gif

    Quote[/b] ]release of scudo beta 1.0. we stop working for ofp1 since we are two active members (me and indy), u can use scudo model script and config, but plaese put some credit, it's a 50% finished addon, so don't wait for a quality one. we are making models and textures in 3d studio max for ofp2. i'll releae pics of work in progress. we don't release anything else

    Their site:G8 mod site

  3. update is delayed a small time cos of new patch.

    maybe you'll get less ctd's, 1.95 readme says:

    Quote[/b] ]1.95  - Fixed: Bug in animation loading. As a result some 3rd party addons with custom animation could cause a crash.
     smile_o.gif  smile_o.gif  biggrin_o.gif

    nooooo!!! hmmm then must wait must wait crazy_o.gif hopfully not long wink_o.gif

  4. This is battling bitch's WW2 tank defense positions i just did some changes too orginal version smile_o.gif

    Quote[/b] ]please make a desert version, too ofp_man.
    ok i'm working on it but i still didyn't get autors permission because i can't contact him sad_o.gif
    Quote[/b] ]Where'd ye get them bunkers?!
    i dont have the link for it but if you want i can send it to you via email wink_o.gif