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    Combat! bradley pack 1.0 released

    I sacrificed that option to keep the face count down in the lods so I could enhance other parts of the vehicle and add stowage. Â It would only serve no functional purpose except for cutscenes, as you said. Â This would mean i'd have to add a complete interor to the first lod, which would increase the face count extremely. Ahh shame but it still a great addon i reall enjoy it plaing in ofp Â
  2. da_ofp_man

    Mercedes g500, g-55 amg, g500 brabus

    This car looks like its out of this(game)world
  3. da_ofp_man

    Combat! bradley pack 1.0 released

    This pack is really kick ass. Â Great work Rudedog. Very good model and textures. Got one question are you going to make a working-opening back ramp because the bradleys really need that and it would be good for cutsceens?
  4. da_ofp_man

    Red Hammer Studios

    ...... -RPG-26 -RPG-27 maybe huh??
  5. da_ofp_man

    Red Hammer Studios

    As always RHS is rising above all levels Really great work guys!!!
  6. da_ofp_man

    Csla 2

    OK, but I'm still little bit scared of Mig15's cocpit, which is the only one missing detail... I love planes as well! And planes loves me :-D Those pics of your work are simply superb realy cool stufff you guys are making   And jennik if you want some good MIG-15 cocpit pics i can send you just PM me
  7. da_ofp_man

    Please, for the love of god.....

    in talking about untested addons check this out Russian modern infantry pack i was really loking into this because of the RPG-26 but when i downloaded this pack it acured that only 3 soldiers are working and one is withaout ammo and in pics those soldiers look good.
  8. da_ofp_man

    BRDM-1 & BMP-1

    Just to let you know ppl the BRDM-1 will be released on 26-27 april that means soon
  9. da_ofp_man

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    Well ther is also an very very good SU-34  by Hudson  but he didynt released it yet I don't now why
  10. da_ofp_man

    Camo netting

    hmm  but ther is one more team that could do the camo netting its "Third World Explosion Team" thos guys are working on objects so why not on a camo netting
  11. da_ofp_man

    C-5 galaxy from hawk

    hehe this update Hawks MI-26 was released on 15 april and yes ther is a bug with transportation script i think it will be fixed in next update.But now try to unload the vehicle hangign you chopper few meters from the ground and then qickly fly away somteims the vehicle will not fall on you
  12. da_ofp_man

    BRDM-1 & BMP-1

    The guys from this mod shown more pics of BRDM-1 EDIT:onother one
  13. da_ofp_man

    Csla 2

    Hey Maa i saw on combat photography that youare doing a variant of bmp-1 the BMP-1P is it going to be included in the next patch.??? And one thing more are you going to add new sounds to the main gun of bmp-1 and bmp-2
  14. da_ofp_man

    Zil 130/131 pack released!!!

    been plaing around with this pack textures are great models and sounds too  the Grad louncher with it effects is cool a really good addon!!!!! maybe you have downloaded a corrupted file mine are working very well -no error mesage
  15. da_ofp_man

    Zil 130/131 pack relase soon!

    chill man they will release it if you dont belive me go on ther comments section at flashpoint.ru  told you  you can grab it here clicky
  16. da_ofp_man

    Finnish defence forces mod 1.2

    Those textures and models look really really great Can't wait till 1.3 release
  17. da_ofp_man

    Best military clips

    Some more air defence system now this is fire power baby
  18. da_ofp_man

    Combat! discussion thread

    Holly smohly!! They look very good. When release
  19. da_ofp_man

    Best military clips

    Well i like the Tunguska because of its fire power So check this I know the music is crappy:p Oow and maybe its a little advertaisment  for Rosoboronexport
  20. da_ofp_man

    Zil 130/131 pack relase soon!

    WOW really good work "Nashe Orujie" the trucks are looking superb now just wait till release One question about this pack what happend to the air-defence version that was shown some time ago why isin't it included in the pack They are based on URALs and ZILs i'v seen  a lot of pics at military exhibitions when BM-21 system was based on ZIL. But one more thing don't you know that in Russia "everything is based on evrything"
  21. da_ofp_man

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    From were did you get that Shermann Basher
  22. da_ofp_man

    Red Hammer Studios

    .....some day......hmmm I wonder when it will be
  23. da_ofp_man

    Bwmkp addons

    OK thx man.
  24. da_ofp_man

    Tears of the sun seals

    Yeey thx Jackal326 It's been long time waiting going to test them out
  25. da_ofp_man

    Bwmkp addons

    Yea a mirror for this addon would be useful.Because I don't like to register for just one addon