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  1. da_ofp_man

    P-38 lightning released

    How did this "thing" fly fast It look like it had big air contumacy. Wast it mass manufactured??
  2. da_ofp_man

    Vdv pack v2.0 by orcs

    Hey guys ther is a littel update of vdv 2.0 ther are new: -animations -scripts and a demo mission you can download from flashpoint.ru
  3. da_ofp_man

    Project mcar public beta release

    This is really great!! Been long time waiting for this.Finally Thx for this a very good job on it
  4. da_ofp_man

    Finnish defence forces mod 1.2

    Yeeea this map loooks reall great I must say. Can't wait till I can play around on it
  5. da_ofp_man

    3wx industrial pack 3.0 released

    Yea great work ag_smith on it downloading now!!
  6. da_ofp_man

    Brdm-1 pack

    Brdm-1 pack by Spetsnaz Mod is released you can get it HERE!! The pack contains one demo mission and few variants of the vehicle. EDIT:here you go
  7. da_ofp_man

    Brdm-1 pack

    *WARNING Evil pissed off addon maker about to detonate WARNING* OOoooooo, all mod teams must submit to Lord Da_ofp_man commands this! Â Â *slautes* Â Yes Cobra Commander! Â CCCCCCCCCOOOBRAAAA!!! Â We must all stop our real lives, do nothing but make addons till our eyes bleed. and put in a greater effort to release high quality addons with no bugs for Lord Humungus Da_ofp_man has spoken.. Â Â Well considering as I recall the spetnaz team hasn't been able to release anything till this, and its still beta. Â Guy is working with RHS cause manythings he wants to do but lacks the skills to do so. Â Â RHS is a bit short handed and carring a fair amount of dad weight so somebody productive is a major plus which will mostlikely speed things up for both teams. Â Been needing a bloody texture person for a year now Spetznaz team can texture. Â I can think of a dozen things now stuck because they have no textures. Â That could have been released a year ago. Â So bad player no cookie.. Â Rather have a trickle effect than nothing or a wave of addons that one could never find the time to use. Â Or dozens of buggy, unfinished and never completed addons. Â =P MUAHAHAH and I comand you to go to hell!Think about it what did you say and come back when you feel you are ready. I didyn't say anything about: -making addons till yours eyes bleed -and stopping yours real lives If you think that i meant that then you are in big mistake or you have taken the wrong pills are you sure you have taken the white ones REMEMBER not to take the violet ones. I thought that when two mods are working it's natural that sometimes one mod is releasing addons faster then other one and vice versa.And so the time goes littel faster waiting for addons-that's all.
  8. da_ofp_man

    Brdm-1 pack

    yep and its good because when one mod is working on one project the second one is releasing something and the time goes faster but when everybody are working in one mod-looong waiting with no releases till finishing that one project -as i said before
  9. da_ofp_man

    Brdm-1 pack

    WTF are u talking about? Â ppl makin addons 4 fun, not for money. u wanna another hot discussion here and then placebo to close the thread? Â And dont hide under smiley. Wich part of my statement was saing anything about money You are some kind of conspiratorial theorys man or what? I was just saing that when nearly all mods working for east addons will become one we will be waiting long time for any releases because big mod will need lot of time for ther great projects and in the mean time ther wont be any releases of smaller addons that are needed for east side because evrybody are working in the big mod and must go with the mod schema of work.
  10. da_ofp_man

    Brdm-1 pack

    Well this is the first release of this pack and it says thats it 1.0 BETA so guys hold your horses They say that version 2.0 will have: -new scripts -new animations and some modifications\bug fixing hehe another RHS fusion for the good of addon making This situation reminds me of a golden rule: The best way to overcome the opposition is too assimilate them
  11. da_ofp_man

    Coc ua 1.1 progress

    It's cool that you are going to update this pack. But i think that one mortar and one  M46 gun for east it's just too litle   You could add HWK_2s19 MSTA-S and GRAD-21 from NO Zils pack. Did you  thought about it  It would be great seeing those in the updated COC_UA.
  12. da_ofp_man

    Mapfact airport addon & mines v1.2

    It would be wery good if somebody give a mirror. fighter were are you
  13. da_ofp_man

    Your most embarrassing moments in of

    from were did you got this KA-60 joltan is, it released
  14. da_ofp_man

    F18 pack v1.3 by hudson & pennywise

    I'm talkina about SU-34. That wasn't released
  15. da_ofp_man

    F18 pack v1.3 by hudson & pennywise

    So guys what is going on now?? hudson,SILESIAN is it ready?? lot of time have past and....
  16. da_ofp_man

    Eurofighter typhoon screens

    So we muss just wait for it as always patient is the key BTW:how is your project going vektorboson didyn't heard about it long time??
  17. da_ofp_man

    Third world explosion team

    I think I'm blind too many houers spend plaing ofp
  18. da_ofp_man

    Third world explosion team

    Wow ag_smith your updated buldings pack looks awsome can't wait for public release   Is the train  your project and if yes will it be released with the new version of buldings pack
  19. da_ofp_man

    Combat! bradley pack 1.0 released

    No, you just need the hotfix file if you d/l'd 1.1 ahh didyn't senn the hotfix thx for it!!
  20. da_ofp_man

    Combat! bradley pack 1.0 released

    AAArg that means I have to download the hole pack again
  21. da_ofp_man

    Soldier of fortune weapons pack

    Here is one more showing all weapons
  22. da_ofp_man

    Aek 971

    Well ther is only one here you go and its a beta so don't expect too much
  23. da_ofp_man

    Combat! discussion thread

    Actually, team members Cpl Punishment and Drill Seargent are doing those. Â They since have discarded the Marine model and are recreating a new one. So they are still working on it Then i wish them luck finishing this project
  24. da_ofp_man

    Combat! discussion thread

    Hey Rudedog i saw on you page this: is this one of your projects Â
  25. da_ofp_man

    T54 - the best one

    EDIT: ahh soryy it is a T-54 a early version