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  1. 01mcmap01_lr.jpg

    Well that just about explains how it feels to be in a good blood-choke.  crazy_o.gif

    Holy shit!!! Private Carrillo! He was in my platoon in boot this summer. Platoon 3118, Kilo Company rofl.gif

    That was during mcmap testing, the whole platoon was laughing at it, cant believe its so famous right now.

    I'll try and post a scan of my platoon and I'll show you what he looked like without nearly passing out.

    Meanwhile here is a pic of my mortar section:


    I am the smug looking little sunobitch in the middle, front row, see if you can find jabba (hint: he is wearing a poncho)

  2. Hello...

    I need some help...I've got a line of napoleonic infantry that marches using the JSDF animations. This works really well to keep them in tight formation. However I need a trigger that makes everybody in it switchmove "".

    So a trigger that makes all units switchmove ""

    should be simple but its 1 in the morning and I cant think...or search correctly apparently

  3. Off To War

    The youth of France marches off to war under the flag


    Allons enfants de la patria...le jour de gloire est t'arrive....

    contre nous de la tyrannie, l'etandart sanglent ellaviet....

    (sorry ran...thats my poor attempt at Les Marseille):;):


    addons: Civil War mod, Napoleon Mod, FDFmod, and ardennes island

  4. Sorry to keep pestering you Sanctuary...I know you are probably jittery from all the coffee and late nights but is there a chance we might see a one handed stance for the pistol or not?

    I know it's not as realistic but it is a lot different and fresher than the two handed stance. Also I am not expecting it out tomorrow because I heard about the horror of interpolating all those anims...so just a quick yes, no would suffice.

    Thanks for all your anims...I am big fan.