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  1. Thing is, I ve seen the credits and the retaliation trailer but what I am wondering is how to get people to surrender drop their weapons and put their hands behind their head, I ve tried a number of things but I cant seem to get it to work. Any advice I would be grateful for. Thanks in advance.
  2. Get at operation flashpoint.cz Made by Tyler Friddle -lools very promising Stalingrad Looks really promising Des
  3. desantnik


    Hello all from Slovakia where I am currently located.... First off.... Red Orchestra 3.0 is on schedule to be released the 27th of August... thats right AUGUST 27 of this year this release will be the biggest up to date and will include TANKS!!! ARTILLARY!!! BUNCH OF OTHER THINGS THAT MAKE MY HEAD EXPLODE!!! the list is here New and highly interactive maps New Anti-Tank Weapons Artillery Vehicles Satchel Explosions As well as Improved Infantry Mechanics including: Modeled Iron Sights Weapon Sway Streamlined Player Movement Real Weapon Ballistics Grenade Duds Locational Damage Effects Hand Wound Drops Weapon Stamina Management the point is my dear friends is that they are giving this totally awesome mod that blows everything previously ww2 themed game amateur and professional clearly out of the water... well what are you listening to me rant about... go download the trailer here trailer an interview with some of the developers can be found here interview the total list of improvements is unknown at this time but it is the biggest release they have thus far.... tanks....need I say more GO and download this free mod come august 27 and give these guys the respect they deserve.... for all realistic loving, noncave dwelling, ww2 nuts this is a must download... Â Â ps... Did I mention they won the first place in the Make Something Unreal Contest in the FPS category and various other spots... its okay.... go on... wipe the drool of your slackjawed face.
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    Military Humor

    . http://img447.imageshack.us/img447/9876/n2146007373035793490754qq.jpg edit: image file size over 100kb
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    Military Humor

    Pvt. Carillo and his brownies
  6. desantnik

    Military Humor

    Holy shit!!! Private Carrillo! He was in my platoon in boot this summer. Platoon 3118, Kilo Company That was during mcmap testing, the whole platoon was laughing at it, cant believe its so famous right now. I'll try and post a scan of my platoon and I'll show you what he looked like without nearly passing out. Meanwhile here is a pic of my mortar section: I am the smug looking little sunobitch in the middle, front row, see if you can find jabba (hint: he is wearing a poncho)
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    Military Humor

    I tackled the smiling bastard after I took this picture. Self explanitory, however dont feel bad for the bloke on the bottom, he deserved t.
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    Irish Interim troops

    you gents dont blouse your boots?
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    US Civil War Mod ver.1.0 Beta Released

    hey fellas, I was thinking, wouldnt be really easy to implement the 54th or 52nd (cant remember which) Massachussetts regiments led by Col Shaw? Just retain all the uniforms but set the faces to all black and voila...fort wagner here we come!
  10. desantnik

    Liberation 1941-1945: Barbarossa

    This is so the Russians will be able to have russian speech, I think. Because a long time ago their was a pack that came out which included Russian voices...for the east...Thats why they chose to do it that way is my guess.
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    I'm going to Basic tomorrow

    I leave July 8th...for Camp Peddleton. MOS: Mortarman
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    OFP Animation Sharing Center

    Sanctuary...thank you for appeasing us whining masses and making the new pistol animation (or was it mostly me!) Your efforts are really appreciated!
  13. desantnik

    Amazon Forest De-Forestation

    what is this thread doing in OFP forums though?
  14. Hello... I need some help...I've got a line of napoleonic infantry that marches using the JSDF animations. This works really well to keep them in tight formation. However I need a trigger that makes everybody in it switchmove "". So a trigger that makes all units switchmove "" should be simple but its 1 in the morning and I cant think...or search correctly apparently
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    Need help with a certain mission

    that would be great! I appreciate your help!
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    Flashpoint Photography 4 - No images over 100kb.

    end of the march for these french volunteers this concludes my first part of the series... Battle of Borodino  edit: CRap! Sorry Placebo! I didnt mean to double post! Too busy checking filesizes! wont happen again.
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    Flashpoint Photography 4 - No images over 100kb.

    Na Front! Lib45, JSDF for manhunter
  18. desantnik

    Flashpoint Photography 4 - No images over 100kb.

    Off To War The youth of France marches off to war under the flag Allons enfants de la patria...le jour de gloire est t'arrive.... contre nous de la tyrannie, l'etandart sanglent ellaviet.... (sorry ran...thats my poor attempt at Les Marseille):;): addons: Civil War mod, Napoleon Mod, FDFmod, and ardennes island
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    Flashpoint Photography 4 - No images over 100kb.

    Civilwar mod, Napoleon mod, inv44 grass
  20. desantnik

    OFrP #5 Release

  21. desantnik

    Flashpoint Photography 4 - No images over 100kb.

    Russian Marines....again I just love the new anims...
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    Flashpoint Photography 4 - No images over 100kb.

    end of the war for this tankist. addons: LIB, FDF, INV44 and ORCS anims...
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    Flashpoint Photography 4 - No images over 100kb.

    ORCS Russian Marines Having just over-ran the coast town of Aanislina...FDF_Everon Result