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    American civil war mod close release!!!

    red necks = the die hard hicks who wont admit that the civil war is over and still ride around in trucks with confederate flags on them. I am not completely redneck but I do live in Missouri qualifying me as a genuine 100% hick.
  2. desantnik

    American civil war mod close release!!!

    Any chance I could be considered for beta testing? I was one for Stoppelhoppser and his landers and early Russians which were later handed off to Lib 45 and look how nicely they turned out! C'mon man, We rednecks need this addon
  3. desantnik

    Soviet 1985 Afghan Infantry Pack

    Yay, I have been waiting for this pack. Good work Psykke!
  4. desantnik

    American civil war mod close release!!!

    Triglav, I have been waiting for your addon for a year now, and frankly I dont think that the current models will be so much of a problem. Perhaps you could do a teaser pack with your current infantry and then add in the super awesome models later? I really want to try it out regardless of whenever the new models are implemented. I could even beta test for you if you want. I just really want these units to recreate battle of Wilsons creek which happened 12 minutes from my house. C'mon and release it, I dont think the Ofp community will criticize you for not waiting longer.
  5. desantnik

    Want to shoot yourself up with a Kalashnikov?

    I bet its as simple and reliable as the gun itself
  6. @Moderators: please be leniant, I know this isnt about war or anything like that and might be too offtopic for offtopic thread but I am really desperate and on the verge of smashing my keyboard through the monitor. Please be leniant. Hello, somehow I managed to get my comp running long enough for me to write a cry of help. Yesterday, my friend and I were having a lan party which isnt unusual and I have had no problems with it before. The problem started when this computer crashed, and when I tried to restart it didnt work so I just pressed the power button. When the computer was starting up again, it showed the message that some windows system file was corrupted and I needed to do a system recovery. I did, and when I started up again, I really fuked something up big time. Pretty much everything has been saved except my account. My user account - the only one on the system - was deleted, and I have to log on with a temporary one each time. I dont know how but my old account is simply not used but all the stuff, like my documents, games, and everything is still on the c drive. Also, every single time I start a new application, or click a new window, a microsoft Money 2002 installer keeps starting up and wont let me proceed until I shut it down, Here is my question, How the hell do I keep that damn installer from starting up every single time I click on the start menu or some other little thing, how do I make a permanent user account and transfer all my documents and games to it ( is that understandable?) My comp is also really lagging whenever I try to move a window from one place to another, never has happened before and it didnt before the crash, I have a Nvidia 6800 that I just bought and it really ticking me off, I really would like some help, I would do anything it takes just to start with a clean slate, and a working computer, please tell me how to fix this and what drivers I need and all that other stuff. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.
  7. desantnik

    I just seriously f*cked up my computer...

    forgot to mention.. I already did the system restore and it just added to the chaos that is my computer
  8. desantnik

    DXDLL 1.0 (not Geforce MX compatible)

    http://www.bestbuy.com/site....ry&cmp= here is a list of graphics cards.... essentially I think it is the mx series which dont work with pixel shaders, just look at anyone with FX after the name and it will do just fine.
  9. desantnik

    DXDLL 1.0 (not Geforce MX compatible)

    sorry Tomislav... you are in the same predicament I was in. You just got to upgrade to card that supports the pixal shaders, like a new 100 dollar geforce will do the trick.
  10. desantnik

    Rome: total war / napoleon total war

    I just cant wait for the other mods to migrate over to Rome Total War, I really want to command Napoleonic Era troops in the thousands in awesome graphics. Wow, this is definitely on "to get" list
  11. desantnik

    Medal of Honour -Pacific-

  12. desantnik

    TcM Uber M4

    hey... take it easy on the guy.... Munk I congragulate you for accomplishing something most of us are clueless about.... hopefully this will lead to better and better addons in the future. Good Job.... seriously
  13. desantnik

    Most immersive FirstPerson games

    hey ... quick question... where can I get the patch for the mature language in Vietcong... I already have the bloodpatch.... by the way... I am suprised no one has mentioned Max Payne 2.. that game really puts you into the story... heck ... the whole thing is one damn good movie that you simply happen to play. Also.... Red Orchestra rocks my face....
  14. desantnik


  15. desantnik

    TcM Uber M4

    holy crap!!! This M4 rocks my face... it is the one addon I have spent my past 3 years at OFP dreaming about... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU MUAH!
  16. desantnik


    wow... why havent people pressed harder for Deer... I think that this is the animal that will be most usefull to OFP. It adds ambience to the forests, and you finally have something to kill for all those hunters units. Seriously, please introduce deer to OFP, it would make all the deer stands, hunting rifles, shotguns, soooo worth it.
  17. desantnik

    Gunmen take 200+ student hostages

    perhaps the bandits have some anti chemical suits also? Its not too hard to get this kind of stuff... I just hope for the best. I really hope the kids can be saved can be saved...
  18. desantnik

    Gunmen take 200+ student hostages

    The point is that no matter how much someone has mistreated or hurt you, you are no better than them if you resort to the same tactics... I really had sympathy for the Chechen cause and I am a Russian, but this just steps over the line.I think that these Chechen "freedom fighters" just condemned their own people in the eyes of the world. This is pure fucking terrorism. I hope that the Russian troops are better prepared for this seige after hoping some lessons from previous situations had been learned. Also you cant blame the average Russian conscript for the crimes, it was not his choice to come their, he doesnt want to fight, and if people keep saying all Russians are rapists, muggers, and drug crazed killing machines than I will keep saying that all Chechens are wahhabist terrorist jihadist... This is simply not true, so try to have a sympathy for both sides. By the way, the way the Chechens are acting now, and looking at how many foriegn ( freedom fighters) are currently in Chechnya, I think that it would be very very stupid to grant Chechnya its independence right now... its just way too unstable, it has no economic infrastructure, it has marauding bands of young angry heavily armed fighters, it has an increasing narcotics trade, and there is no way that any Chechen president, Russian backed or otherwise can control all the groups.. This has been proven in the years of 1996-1998 when militants launched an invasion in Russian Dagestan hoping to spill over the war into Russias neighboring regions. The truth is that most of the republics around chechnya, dont want independence and want to continue to be part of Russia. I ll have some quotes later on. It has been proven more recently that the Chechens are beginning to rely more and more on terrorism in order to expose their plight to the world... but how does this make them any better than their invaders? It is f**king sick of what their doing. I respect the average Chechen, but Chechnya as a whole is just too unfit to become independent, because if it does, we have seen that the noble Chechen field commanders of the first war turn into warlords between the fighting, and that is precisely what is going to happen again. Also, the school was siezed in Northern Ossetia, this is where my cousin was born and this really hits home, I think the whole point is to destabilize the region even farther because this region wanted independence from Georgie and annexation into Russia, I can easily see why, I think 90% of people living there are Russians. The point is --- whatever respect the international community had to the Chechen cause ---- has been vaporised. This is pure terrorism and not martydom ---- the foreign fighters ( arabs and other mujahadeen in Chechnya ( wahhabites) probably got some dumb impressional young guy like movsar basayev to sacrifice himself ) This is just crazy.... I know the Chechens have a horrible history with Russia, and a Georgian named Stalin deported the entire country to Kazakstan, but this shows that they are no better than we are.
  19. desantnik

    OFP language question - cryillic text

    could you please post a link to that Russian fonts.pbo? that would be great...
  20. desantnik

    Invasion44 MOD

    My only wish is to see it in my lifetime
  21. desantnik


    jooolly shiet.... I mena hooooly shietl... youknow what I mena..... YAY!!! I will drinkt othe health of the develpe4rs of RO so tha t they can dcontinue making high quality mod.... Change log : - New Artillery system. - Added binoculars in. All squad leaders may choose them. Point them at something and press fire to save your artillery coordinates. - Added voice over for artillery system - Added Weapon Sway - Vehicles - PanzerIV, HalfTrack, T34. Fully functioning with tank cannon and MG positions. - Panzerfaust, for destroying the tanks. - Disable pickup of ammunition if you do not have the gun - Reset FOV if you throw weapon when zoomed - Added dropping weapon if hit in the hand (with HUD message) - New player animations - New animations for all Weapoons - Map updates - New code to better support forward/backward spawning - Satchels on Sevastopol - Added Semi-Auto Role - New parameters for karma death (flying bodies with grenades) - Reduced weapon shake during SMG firing - New camo sleeves for 1st person - New texture files for weapons and characters - Adjusted free-aim so there is no longer a "dead-zone" where mouse sensitivity has no effect. - New in game menu system and menu art. - New sound system for vehicles. Supports multiple ambient sounds with 3d locational positioning and velocity based pitch/volume adjustment. - All new sounds for tanks including: Engine idle, start, stop, cannon fire, cannon reload, tracks squeaking, interior rumble, and hull mg firing. - Added turret rotation sounds for PIV and T34 - Vehicles now can cap objectives. Each person in the vehicles counts toward the cap as well. - Set the realistic zoom levels for tank cannon optics - Set turret rotation to realistic speeds - Added damaged vehicle emitter effects - Added vehicle hit effects, and hit effects for dirt and snow for the tank shells. - Added new artillery hit effects. - Artillery now has two hit effects depending on the surface it hits (snow or dirt.) - Fixed the turrets being backwards when you get in the gunner position - Added roles for tank crew (Tank Commander and Tanker) - Tanks may now only be operated by tank crew members - Added new scope overlays for vehicles - Added a short waiting time when a tank if first entered to allow additional crewmembers. If more than 1 person is in the tank, the tank may leave instantly. If not the player must wait a few seconds before leaving. - Added messages notifying the player of Waiting For Crew, and various other things such as trying to enter a tank when you are not tank crew. - Reduced the sound radius on artillery explosion - Inactive/completed objectives are now grayed out on the overhead map. - Replaced the portal 3d scope with a different 3d scope that uses texture rendering. Doesn't have the jitter problems, non smooth movement problems, or view deficiencies that the portal scope system had. - Added a different style of view shake when firing sniper rifles. - Fixed prone rotation to be equivalent in speed to standing rotation. - Added code to make many of the weapon transitions appear much smoother, especially the transition from iron sights back to free-aim. - Kalinin has been modified to allow the germans to retain thier forward spawn until the Allies capture both forward villages. - Fixed an issues with bullets not appearing correctly on bolt action rifles. - New prone transition - Multiplayer menu is now RO's not UT2k4s. - Players view now does not roll with the terrain they are on. Makes prone less disorienting. - Fixed artillery not giving the person who called in the strike credit for the kills. - Added icons for artillery strike, panzerfaust and tank cannon kills - Fixed 3d scoped view being angled when player is on an incline. - Added death icons for satchels - Added a tank icon while in tanks. The icon replaces the player icon, and displays the health of the vehicle, the rotation of the turret, and which positions in the tank are occupied. - Added ballistics for the tank cannon shells. < 500 meters is pretty much a straight shot. Farther than that, and you need to compensate by aiming higher.
  22. desantnik

    Two Russian Civilian Airlines Lost on Radar

    my condelences... so sadd.. i will drink to these peolple....and hopefuly their familyies will overcome this tragic incedint
  23. desantnik

    Vampires/Undead Pack Beta Release

    scaryy! ho djuob on yuor modeling/ scripting styles... trhis mod has been prettyy gun so far!
  24. desantnik

    Unified zombie pack release imminent

    fibn mod... god luck with making it mbetter... i had fin with it..
  25. weeee. I got my login corect.... I am so drunk right now taht I am happy to play your island with 37000000 obexysts... hehe... wow this is really fun andn O hpe ie dont hget i n trouble for this later on but I realyl enhjoy your island and hope you mnake much much becuse you are really talents.