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  1. Hello everyone, I'm encountering an issue while trying to import models with shape keys into the Enfusion engine, specifically while working on patches for Arma Reforger using the RHS Status Quo mod. It seems that after downloading and modifying the files from the official RHS Status Quo page, the shape keys are not properly reflected when imported into Enfusion. Here are the steps I've taken and the details of the issue: Step 1: Verification of Compatibility and Format Ensure Enfusion Compatibility: I've checked to see if Enfusion supports the import and rendering of shape keys or morph targets. However, I couldn't find clear documentation on this. Can anyone confirm if Enfusion is indeed compatible with shape keys? Confirm File Format: The files I've downloaded and modified are in the standard FBX format. I assume this format should be compatible with Enfusion, but I'm open to suggestions if there's a better format to use. Step 2: Modification Process in Blender Shape Keys in Blender: Before exporting the modified model, I made sure that the shape keys are properly configured in Blender and are displaying correctly in the animation view. Export from Blender: During the export process from Blender, I ensured that all relevant options for shape keys were selected, such as "Shape Keys" in the geometry section and "Selected Objects" in the inclusion section, as per the recommended steps. Step 3: Import into Enfusion Import Process in Enfusion: I followed the standard import procedure in Enfusion for the modified models, the problem i have is that when im in a world testing, or when im cheking the xob imported, i dont see the shape keys