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    Coins not registering when package purchased

    Great, thanks for confirming their is an issue. I dont use social media if i can help it , if you could let me know when its fixed that would be great. Thanks

    Coins not registering when package purchased

    Yes i got refund too from xbox but you csnt get a call back to a mobile, its a real pain xbox customer care these days. But on the coins, any one from tech support getting back to us? I havent had a reply yet from the people that can sort the problem? Not purchasing any more until i know its fixed so your losing out as am i. Im on xbox by the way in case that helps solve the issue.

    Allies Challenge

    I need a Vigor friend please to help me do the story Allies challenge. Thank you. Please message me. Gamertag: TURTLE ZED
  4. Hi I recently purchased Vigor - Prepper's Small Fortune from within the game to upgrade to the battlepass. But the coins didnt register. So i had to go through the nightmare which is xbox customer support these days. Was disapointed as they just said repurchase but i thought id message here first in case you knew if there was a problem. We both lose out so it would be good to know what to do here. Thanks, love the game, im hooked now for about a month, play it every day, great job guys! Oh and i need a friend to complete allies challenge 😞