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  1. Saltoperator

    Have I understood JIP correctly?

    It wouldn't surprise me to be honest. I know Arma is an old game by now, and as much as I enjoy fiddling around in the editor, I often find myself having to perform tasks that in my opinion should be handled by the game engine by default...
  2. I haven't really understood JIP quite well yet – when I should, must and shouldn't use it, despite reading on the wiki My understanding of JIP is that any remotely executed code where JIP is true will be executed for the player joining a game in progress immediately upon joining. that code that hasn't been remotely executed yet doesn't need JIP to be true for JIP players to have that code executed once the conditions for executing said code are met. that Bohemia's own modules are JIP friendly (Create Task etc. (I read some Steam posts where players had experienced tasks not being completed for JIP players when they used "BIS_fnc_setTaskState" with no regards to JIP parameter)) Am I getting it right? If my understanding of JIP is wrong, I have a lot of backtracking to do in all missions I am building... My biggest concern of course is that vital functions such as "BIS_fnc_endMission" won't work for JIP players. I appreciate any input from mission makers who are experienced JIPpers 😁
  3. I am building several coop missions, some big and some small - and one of the things I am struggling most with is deciding how many respawn tickets player should get. In the biggest mission I have made so far, I allow for unlimited respawns until all objectives are complete and exfil is assigned. Respawns then get disabled, and the mission fails if all players are killed before exfiltrating. For that particular mission, I thought this is a good way to ensure players stay in the game until the end, but I also fear that players might act sloppy since they can just respawn whenever they like. As a player, what do you prefer? Hardcore one life only, unlimited respawns or a set ticket limit? Any thoughts and feedback is appreciated; it helps me build more enjoyable MP missions 🙂
  4. Saltoperator

    Make AI planes attack Soldiers

    Unless you want the planes to be an active target for you and your units in your scenario, I have two solutions for you: Use CAS Module, select your preferred aircraft and sync it to a trigger. When the trigger is activated, the CAS will spawn, attack and fly away. If you want the plane(s) to attack the same way and at the same place each time, use unitCapture and unitPlay for both movement data and firing data Don't overruse unitCapture, as it will make your mission folder very large in file size. The upside to this method is that the planes will remain in the scenario as AI units after unitPlay is completed, making them targetable for you and your units By using one of the methods above, you are guaranteed that the planes will attack no matter what.
  5. I ended up solving this issue by simply adding an action after the unitPlay is done playing: _heli1movedata = [LOTS OF COORDINATES OMITTED TO MAKE THIS POST SHORT]; _heli1playback = [heli1, _heli1movedata] spawn BIS_fnc_UnitPlay; sleep 55; player action ["Eject", vehicle player]; The playback itself lasts ~60 seconds, where ~5 seconds are spent on ground. I therefore eject the player 5 seconds before the playback ends (and the helicopter starts moving on its own). I hope this can be helpful for others stuck with this problem, instead of trying to fiddle too much with the questionable helicopter AI.
  6. Since the Arma 3 AI pilots tend to flare more than RuPaul when landing, even when in stealth mode, I decided to use unitCapture and unitPlay for the insertion in one of my scenarios. After a very smooth, low-approach landing by me, if I may say so 😊, I kept the recording of me touching ground going for about 5-6 seconds before ending it. When the recording is over, I want to pass control back to the AI and have him fly away after every player inside has disembarked. This has proven difficult to achieve. Setup: heli1 is its variable My heli has this setFuel 0; this flyInHeight 0; in its init field to 100% prevent engine start in MP It has a Hold waypoint in front of it as its first waypoint A Skip Waypoint trigger is set as Waypoint Activation UnitPlay is triggered when all playable units present in the scenario are inside the heli via (AI is disabled in description.ext) this setFuel 1; is part of the trigger to have engine turned on when AI is supposed to take over. flyInHeight is still 0; pilot disableAI "ALL" in pilot's init field Methods attempted: Place a second Hold waypoint close to where the heli lands in unitPlay A Skip Waypoint trigger is set as Waypoint Activation { _x in heli1 } count allPlayers == 0 in Condition field pilot enableAI "ALL" in On Act field in second Hold waypoint trigger. Next waypoint is MOVE, then LAND for AI to land back at the ship. Attached an invisible helipad to the heli I tried using a Land waypoint as the second waypoint, as I had a helipad close to where I landed in unitPlay that the AI pilot insisted on landing on after assuming control again when testing
  7. Alright, thanks for your help! ☺️
  8. @soldierXXXX Thanks for your warm welcome, and detailed response. I suppose a simple: deleteVehicle this; ... at the end of the On Activation field in the trigger itself won't suffice here? The trigger will still be respawned locally for the JIP player?
  9. In the Trigger:Effects section of a trigger I have placed down, I have chosen a track to be played once the trigger is activated with Activation set to Any player. By my understanding, as long as Server only isn't ticked, the music should play for everyone. Or, do I need to use remoteExec?