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  1. Pro Gaming|Exile|Lythium|PVP|Military|Jet|JetVG|No Thermals|50k|Taliban Roaming AI|Air patrol|AI Convoy|custom missions|loot+|fps+ Connection Info Query Info Discord: https://discord.gg/56wTj35HD9 Battlemetrics : https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/arma3/26976932?playerCount=7D Started On 14/4/2024 Military server on Real Location >> Lythium map fps+ loot+ No thermals Territory payment every 15 days Hard Taliban missions with good rewards AI Air patrols AI land taliban patrols Convoy missions Public Virtual Garage on airfield traders (1 slot for 1 plane per player) Pylon Manager Server point more to realism terrain setttings is forced and locked to the max For nice Balanced pvp 50k start on your locker base paint free for all base commander Mods ProGaming ANZACSAS Napalm and WP Smoke marker rockets Pylon Manager V4 Multi-play Unifroms Blastcore Murr Edited JSRS Soundmod - CE.20.0423 NIArsenal Better Inventory Extended Base Mod CUP Weapons 1.18.1 CUP Units 1.18.1 CUP Vehicles 1.18.1 Community Base Addons v3.17.1 Jbad LYTHIUM Exile Mod