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  1. Hey men, I'm just starting with scripting in SQF. I've scripted some easy things like an air raid speaker with switches and stuff. Now, I want to implement a squawk code system for air traffic control. Here's my idea: You get in a plane and ask for clearance to take off. The ATC gives you a squawk code. To set your squawk code, you type "#squawk" followed by the code in the chat. The ATC and other aircrafts will see your code as a movable marker on the map. It will display your squawk code, altitude, heading, and speed. My Problems: 1.: I can set a marker with a #squawk command. and if I write somethink like #squawk 2121 I'll get a feedback from the system - but it sets my code to 'scalar' - so i thought, I'll force it to lower. then I'll get 'any'. When I type letters like #squawk Alpha I'll get an error. So the script recognizes the characters after the command. 2.: My Marker doesnt update its position. and I'll get no informations next to the marker like heading, speed etc.To be honest, I'm quite exhausted at the moment. However, I don't think I can come up with a solution quickly. Does anyone have any ideas on what might be causing it? Thank you in advance for your help! CBA, ACE and so on are active btw. // define chat cmd #squawk ["squawk", { // Check if the player is sitting in an airplane if (!(vehicle player isKindOf "Air")) exitWith { hint "You need to be in an airplane to change the transponder."; }; // Retrieve the entered transponder code from the chat command private _transponderCode = parseNumber (_this select 1) ; // Set the transponder code of the aircraft. vehicle player setVariable ["transponderCode", _transponderCode, true]; // Update the map marker with the new transponder code. private _marker = vehicle player getVariable ["marker", objNull]; if (!isNull _marker) then { _marker setMarkerText format ["Squawk: %1", _transponderCode]; } else { // Create a new map marker if none exists. private _markerPos = position vehicle player; private _markerName = format ["Squawk Marker (%1)", name vehicle player]; _marker = createMarker [_markerName, _markerPos]; _marker setMarkerType "mil_dot"; _marker setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; _marker setMarkerText format ["Squawk: %1", _transponderCode]; vehicle player setVariable ["marker", _marker, true]; }; hint format ["Transponder code set to %1.", _transponderCode]; }] call CBA_fnc_registerChatCommand; // Function to update the map marker. _updateMarker = { private _marker = vehicle player getVariable ["marker", objNull]; if (!isNull _marker) then { _marker setMarkerPos position vehicle player; _marker setMarkerText format ["Squawk: %1\nSpeed: %2 km/h\nAltitude: %3 m\nHeading: %4", vehicle player getVariable ["transponderCode", 0], round (speed vehicle player * 3.6), // Conversion from m/s to km/h. getPosASL vehicle player select 2, vehicle player getDir ]; }; }; // Update the map marker every 2 seconds. 0.1 spawn { while {true} do { _updateMarker; sleep 2; }; };