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    The customize character Vigor

    It may be due to the fact that I have been playing for years, I haven’t received an outfit from any crates in over a year probably. Seems like you have to buy them now and they just give weapons and parts in crates. Very sad to see, no reason as a veteran to continue playing with no new endgame content as we were promised this year
  2. fOUr20blUntz

    playstation account

    No, your account was most likely banned for a reason. Honestly, I’ve played cheaters on this game for years and you are the first person I have ever heard of being banned. I would like to see what the banned screen looks like🧐
  3. fOUr20blUntz

    Connectivity issues

    Turn on your connection feedback in your settings so we can see what’s going on in the future when this happens. (I’m not sure exactly what it is called but you should be able to find what I’m referring to) I have had the same issue, not often though. Generally I get the feeling somebody has a lag switch or is manipulating the server in some way
  4. fOUr20blUntz

    Connectivity issues

    Sounds like you have your answer. The game has terrible servers, always has and probably always will 🤷‍♂️
  5. fOUr20blUntz

    Plans in vigor

    They plan to release the new shelter improvement this year which will allow you to acquire plans you do not yet have. They haven’t said how it works so it may likely cost crowns still. I agree, I have all the crafting plans but it’s annoying never getting new outfits or anything from crates anymore. I swear I only get weapon 90% of the time and I have thousands of guns so that is worthless to me. I know most players are either too new or have been playing too long. The devs don’t act like they care about the community at all. They don’t even come on the forums anymore, it’s sad!!!
  6. fOUr20blUntz

    Connectivity issues

    I believe this is being caused by the increase of players over the last few weeks. I’m also assuming most of these players are not from the USA and you may not be either. My point is this company doesn’t have great servers and if your internet isn’t upwards of 100mps you are definitely going to experience issues with players from other countries.
  7. When you get back to your shelter, go to the pause menu. From there, navigate to the recently played with tab and report the cheaters. I have never heard of anyone being banned or having any action taken against their account for cheating unfortunately. If I’m wrong I would love for a dev to correct me with proof.
  8. fOUr20blUntz


    Right, crates are just like loot boxes and you knew that straight away. Battle royale rewards are much like gambling. There are no $25 hats😂 I’ve spent my money on this game over several years, since nearly the beginning. Maybe if more people supported the developers and bought crowns the game would be more well developed. Activision got in trouble for running their company like a frat house and people still pay them millions. The industry isn’t going to change anytime soon, we’re probably more likely to go back to the stone age🤣
  9. fOUr20blUntz


    I am thoroughly enjoying encounters starting with a green crate and having a higher maximum potential for max crate booster. 3 special issue and 2 military grade is no slouch💯👌
  10. fOUr20blUntz


    Too many hackers/cheaters for it to be worth it. The game has moved up to the second page of most popular free to play games on xbox so it has gained traction. This game is unique and has something most games don’t with the shelter improvements. Most players don’t spend money and unfortunately your idea would eliminate most players from ever buying crowns. That is counterproductive for Bohemia. If we want more people to hit for crates, it has to be worth their money. Nobody wants to lose a highly booster crate to some obvious cheaters. I’ve spent over $1000 on this game, mostly for cosmetics and crate boosters. I haven’t spent a dime in around six months. In order for people to spend money to buy crowns and boost crates, Bohemia must get rid of the hackers or use a strong sbmm. 1000+ encounters played can’t play with anyone less than 100 encounters played. So on and so forth, I would rather wait and get into a good fun encounter than play with cronus users and people who team in encounters. It’s held this game back ever since they got rid of the game breaking glitches like the bush wookies
  11. fOUr20blUntz

    Buried Cache

    I haven’t played much this season to know. That is a travesty, and another disappointment.
  12. fOUr20blUntz

    Team up

    It’s a waste of time. This happens all of the time an the developers cannot or will not do anything about it. To my knowledge, nobody gets banned from Vigor. They need every penny they can get since they tend to cater the cheaters rather than the community members that love and support their game.
  13. fOUr20blUntz

    Buried Cache

    They finally fixed the weapon crafting so you can craft more quickly. It would be damn unfortunate if they did nerf the dig spots, they have a habit of catering to the cheaters for some reason😢
  14. fOUr20blUntz

    No gun plans for new players?

    Eventually they will release the new shelter improvement that will allow you to somehow acquire plans for items you do not yet gave. They have put a lot of time and effort into making vigor the perfect cash grab to help support and fund their other games. Odds are it will probably cost crowns for the plans you don’t have, they will just be more readily available to buy that way. They’ve put all their effort into trying to maximize the monetization of this game. I get why they do it, but that only works with more polished games. They just don’t learn or seem to care though. Mostly for hackers (cronus users) anyway at this point. Great game concept, pathetic execution
  15. fOUr20blUntz

    Rework Machine guns

    I think we can all agree on that. They just keep beating the same dead horse expecting different results.
  16. fOUr20blUntz

    Rework Machine guns

    So everyone should quit so the publisher moves on or makes a change?? The devs seem to have their hands tied
  17. fOUr20blUntz

    Rework Machine guns

    I have talked to several players like this and these new players aren’t sticking around because the game gets harder after their new account buff wears off. Once that happens most of them quit. For most people Vigor is a 4 star game for a month at best and then it is uninstalled forever and forgotten. I keep trying to support the community and push the devs in the right direction and listen to new players for feedback on ways to improve. Nothing productive gets done, we’re still waiting for our first ever new shelter improvement. Anyone else remember when shelter customization was “coming soon”??? I get the feeling the devs hands are tied by the publishers. Only put out micro transaction content because that is the only way they make money. Well people don’t want to spend money on trash so give the people a better product, look at the success of Fortnite, and people will give you money quicker than you can take it for your cosmetics. So please, after all these years of Vigor spiraling down hill, can we get some answers to why this game has been such a disappointment for so many????
  18. fOUr20blUntz

    Easter cosmetics!

    I wholeheartedly agree. Vigor is nearing the end of it’s lifespan if something isn’t done soon to rid the game of cheaters and fix the numerous problems. Now when I go to craft weapons I have to choose the weapon each time I craft it, why close it out and make me reselect the weapon I want to craft????
  19. fOUr20blUntz

    Cronus Users

    Can we please get something done about the people that are obviously exploiting the broken nature of this game and using cronus and other aimbots to have 2.0 k/d in 10,000 games and all they do is shoot headshots. It’s blatantly obvious what they’re doing and most of my friends have stopped playing because of these people. Most of the community is aware that the major clans are the biggest exploiters and cheaters in the game. Good, paying outlanders are leaving the outlands because of these trolls. Please restore some sort of integrity to the outlands. I hate to say it but sbmm might be the only way if they can’t just be banned. 2k/d 10,000 game players should not be playing against my girlfriend in her first ever encounter.
  20. fOUr20blUntz

    Legacy Seasons

    If you’re going to be taking away legacy seasons please give us back bonus xp from our battlepass for our legacy seasons. Charge 330 crowns with no heads up that you’re going to be taking it away and then of course you don’t offer a refund. Please don’t screw us on this one.
  21. fOUr20blUntz

    Legacy Seasons

    Hardly 😭 always hope for the best and expect the worst so you have a plan if things fall through
  22. fOUr20blUntz


    I report people many times and still get into games with them. At least make it so we don’t get inti encounters with players we have blocked. Maybe give us a blocked list so we can give people a chance at redemption if they were afk for example.
  23. fOUr20blUntz

    Assist xp / tracker

    It would be nice, although I feel the devs have much more important things to focus on than xp for assists. Put yourself in a better position to get the kill. Besides, it would maybe be 10-25 xp for an assist which isn’t going to make that big of a difference.
  24. fOUr20blUntz

    Season 14 joy!

    Devs!!!!! This is most of the casual community and new players once the thrill of a new game wears off. Something must be done about the lmgs. Easy fix!!! Make a longer delay when taking a weapon out so players that want to sprint around can do so but it will hinder your gun fights rather than reward you. The community is begging you, please listen🙏💯
  25. fOUr20blUntz

    Rework Machine guns

    Less accuracy and more weight is a must. Everyone agrees except for the no skill players that love this meta because all they know how to do is abuse the glitchy running behavior and sprint at you then delete you with an MG3, etc. It is ruining the game and it’s integrity. I’ve been pleading for months on xbox and still nothing sadly. The real outlander community stands with us, we must unite so Vigor can once again be a game enjoyed for all✊ I would gladly balance these weapons free of charge, it’s obvious when you play the game at a high level with a deep understanding which weapons are overpowered, underpowered, or just right. Vigor devs, please help us!!!🙏🙏🙏