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    Season 14 joy!

    More to come, this year will have 4 seasons/battle passes so expect a lot from Vigor this year, have patience🙏
  2. fOUr20blUntz

    Season 14 joy!

    A traditional style battle royale mode and maps would be awesome. I would love to see some sort of search and destroy game mode where you can choose your weapons when loading in or csgo style with an economy and limited weapon selection, i.e. akm, aug, gewer, no lmg cheese. A competitive/ranked mode would be incredible, just have to take out the cheesy weapons(lmgs, they move too fast considering what they are). I wish they would fix the goofy running, only when people have a weapon out, to make it more realistic and this would be the best game out there.
  3. fOUr20blUntz

    Season 14 joy!

    If you aren’t gaming in North America that may be your first problem. I’m not sure where there servers are located since we don’t get an option to select our server based on our location. With that being said and knowing the server issues the game has, my guess is they have one central server that everyone connects to.
  4. fOUr20blUntz

    Season 14 joy!

    What is the point of performance mode if I can only have 120fps by sacrificing the quality of 4k?