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  1. On 5/4/2023 at 10:40 AM, Alwarren said:


    I think there is at least one other (BAF has one as well), but yeah, there is no grand scheme or plan behind it. Someone wants to do e.g. a PzH 2000, they'll do it, but we don't tell people what to do in CUP.

    By the way, may I ask you some questions about CUP assets? I would like to mod them, so they blend better in my CUP-based campaign.

  2. On 5/29/2023 at 5:09 AM, Nichols said:

    All of the weapon mods are available via the Steam Workshop as well. I personally find it easier to just use the All in One version off the workshop and if you need something specific well...you know where it is in your mod files.


    Thanks, I've already downloaded AiO version. Now, I just need to figure, what should I do with all this variety...

    Ok, what are my impressions of NIArms:

    1. Excellent addition of firearms for any CUP or RHS mission maker, without their annoying "features" (e.g. CUP G36s default scope mount).

    2. MP5s textures need some fixing: why there is a "618" number on receiver and handguard?

    3. Some animations need fixing (G3 pistol grip, AUG A1 "error" message, AUG A3 handguard/foregrip).

    4. Some weapon packs are incomplete (AK-100 family, GL version of full-length G3s (A3 and A4), M249/Minimi variants, rifle grenades for G3 and FAL).

    5. AUG magazines are hiding behind arms in first person view.

    6. Problems with magazines compatibility with CUP weapons (G36 magazines from CUP and G36 rifles from NIArms). Magazines GUI are not Vanilla or CUP-compatible (even compatibility with RHS is partial).

    7. Inconsistence with weapon variants and their models. Some of RIS variants has anytime visible rails (like SIG 550), some - don't (G3, AK). It would be better, in my opinion, to make ONE variant, that would support weapon-specific (like L2A2 for FAL) AND Picatinny rail attachments.

  3. 17 hours ago, Play3r said:

    try these YT sampels.



    Thanks a lot, but I already know how to make a mission intro. The thing is, how to make a mission, that have ONLY intro? What scenario stage should I use? If I use "intro" stage, how should I make a transition into next mission RIGHT AFTER the end of an intro? And if I use "scenario" stage, how to make it without "Mission Completed" screen? Or, maybe, I should make everything in "Outro" stage?

  4. Hi, guys. Is there any way to download selected NIArms weapon sets? Do you have some kind of "compendium" of all your standalone mods with ACE/CUP/RHS compatibilities?

    On 11/3/2022 at 9:04 AM, toadie2k said:

    All self-hosted NIArms releases, including the All-in-one have been updated and are available through here to save me extra typing - All Current Releases

    Unfortunately, download links are not working. Plus, what about compatibility?

  5. On 5/2/2023 at 5:40 PM, Alwarren said:


    That's not the reason. At CUP we do things on a want-to-do-it basis. All of us do it in their spare time, so we leave it to our members to pick what they want to work (or not work) on. It's the only way this can work. So me saying "no" to "are there plans" doesn't mean something like it may pop up at one point, it's just that there are no plans right now.

    Hm-m, I see. So, presence of only one mortar carrier is just a port from Operation Arrowhead.

  6. By the way, do you plan to add new fire support vehicles, like mortar carriers (M1129 and M1064 for BLUFOR, and 2K32 "Deva" for OPFOR), SP Howitzers (M109 and PzH 2000 for BLUFOR, and 2S1 "Gvozdika" and 2S3 "Akatsiya" for OPFOR), SAMs (proper SPAA - with radar) (9K31 "Strela-1" and/or 9K35 "Strela-10" for OPFOR)?

  7. 10 hours ago, Alwarren said:

    Already in the Dev branch: T-90M

    Yeah, I saw that. And "damn boy, he is thick".

    10 hours ago, Alwarren said:

    new Russian uniforms

    New variants of modern uniform? Or, maybe, some russian old one. Maybe Soviet uniform for Cold War scenarios?

    10 hours ago, Alwarren said:

    WIP: New Up-Armoured HMMWV

    "New" it's new vehicles, or just revamped models/textures?

    10 hours ago, Alwarren said:

    GAZ Tigr.

    I hope we will get similar number of Tigr vapiants, as we did with Humvee.

    8 hours ago, Alwarren said:

    It does have interiors, yes. Including animated autoloader.

    I like what I see.

  8. On 4/20/2023 at 10:28 AM, Alwarren said:

    We're still around. There wasn't much news recently, but we *are* working on a new update. Things have slowed down considerably though.

    Wow. Could you share some information about your plans on future update? Maybe, new hardware for Russian Armed Forces (SVDM, new Picatiny rail scopes)? Or new G3 variants (A4, KA4, /SG1, HK51, HK79 UGL, drum mag, ZF1 scope)? AK rifles revamp (unify default, N and RIS variants (or make rail permanently visible), like in Insurgency)? New Steyr AUG variants (A2, A3, F88 Austeyr and its variants for Australians)?

    P.S. Pretty please...

  9. 4 hours ago, Alwarren said:


    Yeah we do that intentionally so people have to generate more traffic 🙂
    just kidding


    No, this shouldn't happen. I just tried, and it downloads fine for me. Might be some network issue on your provider, maybe. You might want to try to use the Steam Workshop.

    I've asked my friend, who uses another provider, to download CUP, but he got the same problem. I was abled to download CUP using method... well, "some consider to be unnatural". And I've got latest versions of addons I needed, except for Vehicles - there are still 1.17.0.

    About Workshop. After one incident, related to game, published at Steam, I try to keep that kind of stuff as close to myself as possible. But, nevertheless, thanks.

    P.S. By the way, does anyone heard any news from CUP Team? Their last message was on Twitter on 18.05.2022 about fake CUP mod on ArmA Reforger. And still no news from that time.

  10. I'm making a little replacement addon for CUP assets for my campaign, and I have stumbled on modding AK rifles. CUP Weapons has railed versions of AK, but those rails appears only if scope is attached to the rifle, and I would like to make those rails visible at all time. If someone would show me where to look, it would be a great help. Thank you.