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  1. Hurighoast82

    New Player Here

    Im new and looking for friendly brothers in arms to play with. I mostly play single player DynRecOps to get better atm. Im also using a Xbox One Controller and can do almost everything. So you know I use a Controller, I can learn to play with commands but not willing to join a hardcore RP unit, i am only here to have fun and learn. If you need me in a squad or just to play for fun, send me a message with What u Need or infos. ;》
  2. Hurighoast82

    Having trouble with Controller

    Look for Hurighoast Arma 3 ..... community settings. Im playing Arma on a Edge Browser (xbox1), this is why it can be broken for other apps the game is played on. Can do a lot already and im always updating it. If you consider using it, let me know I will create a list of all controls and mapping for you.