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  1. Screenshots: "- [ Screen 1 ] - [ Screen 2 ] - [ Screen 3 ] -" ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Download: To download my ArmA 2 Profile Editor tool visit my website: "www.Zey64.net" ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Features: - Easier editing and managing of player profiles for "ArmA 2" & "ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead". - Overview of all face and glasses classes for you character. (Face Customization!) - Custom face and glasses support. - You can enter a longer player name. - Duplicate current player profile with all saved settings ingame. (Duplicated profile have "_2" postfix) - Creates new player profile for "ArmA 2" & "ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead". (the profile has the default settings!) - File status check. (shows which files are already included in the profile and which are not) - Single files like "*.ArmA2Profile" or "*.ArmA2OAProfile" can also be loaded. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Alternative option: If you don't want to use my tool or it doesn't work on your device I have another alternative to change your character design! Here you can find the listing of all faces classnames and glasses classnames that can be used in the game. ::: "ArmA 2 Faces" & "ArmA 2 Glasses" - Library ::: Instructions on how to proceed can also be found there. (e.g. > Here) ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Don't be surprised if the changes are not visible in the player profile, but they will be visible in the game. Works in Singleplayer and Multiplayer mode. Have fun. best regards - Zey64
  2. The website from the download is down, where else can you download this addon/script? (alternative download?)