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  1. Since the update where the Official and Community servers were put into separate tabs, player count on Community servers has dropped dramatically. Many Xbox players I’ve spoken to have said they did not even realize there were now separate tabs, so they’ve only been playing on Official servers since. With all due respect, people are no longer going to keep playing this for official 32 player Conflict servers. If you don’t highlight Community servers with modded content, the game will absolutely continue to die. I have been trying to run a Community server for a couple of months. At first, before the browser tabs were separated, my server would fill up every night. Now, with the tabs separated, I can sit on my server all day and don’t get a single organic player joining. This is not due to overall lower player base however, they are just simply all going to a few Official Conflict servers instead now. RECOMBINE THE TABS, make it as little work as possible to find Community servers. WE (people running Community servers) are the ONLY people trying to help you guys get more of a player base in this game. If you don’t help us, we can no longer help you.