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  1. The loop checks every second if there is any player inside the safe zone. The player's vehicle will be protected if the player is in it however if the player isn't in it then it can be destroyed in the safe zone.


    The other limitations with this as well is that the vehicle will stay invulnerable (if a player was in it when the loop fired) if driven outside the safe zone when there is no player in it however if the player gets back in the vehicle outside a safe zone it will become vulnerable again. Using markers makes some things harder as well as easier unfortunately.



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  2. Hey, I've had a ponder on this. I'm not very knowledgeable with arma scripting so take this with a grain of salt


    _Safezones = ["Safezone_1"];
    _SafezoneSafety =
    	 private ["_Unit"];
    	 _Unit = _this select 0;
         _Unit allowdamage false;
    	 vehicle _Unit allowDamage false;
    _SafezoneUnSafety =
    	 private ["_Unit"];
    	 _Unit = _this select 0;
         _Unit allowdamage true;
    	 vehicle _Unit allowDamage true;
    while {true} do
    	 private _unit = _x;
    			if (_unit inarea _x) then
    			 [_unit] spawn _SafezoneSafety;
    			} else
    			 [_unit] spawn _SafezoneUnSafety;
    		} forEach _Safezones;
    	} forEach allplayers;
    	 sleep 1;

    I've briefly tested the script and it works (at least in single player should hopefully work in multiplayer too?)


    In essence you put down a marker called Safezone_1 and add it into the safezones array. Then the loop will check if any players are in the marker and spawn the safezone safety function to make them invulnerable. If the player is in a vehicle then it will make the vehicle invulnerable too. You can add more markers to the array as well.


    This code may be subject to exploits and will need some indepth testing and tweaking however I think this covers the bare bones.


    I'm not sure how to make it so that newly spawned players into the safe zone will be invulnerable without making the loop redundant.


    Could adapt this for use in a trigger however I prefer scripts.


    I've tried to add in hints however can't figure out how to do it without the hint popping up constantly. Could put down a trigger that displays a hint when entering and exiting the marker?


    I hope this helps 

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  3. Update, 03/03/2024.


    I took a bit of a long hiatus however I intend to release this ........ soon 


    The base features have been completed. I've cut some things out because I didn't have the time/experience to implement them such as the conversations and lore elements.


    Now I just need to polish this up a bit and do a full test and subsequent bug fixing exercise then this will be ready for release

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  4. Stranded


    An event occurred. It's origin unknown. Some say it's just nature restoring the balance. Some say it's a virus from outer space. Some say it's Judgement. Nobody truly knows. What we do know is that one day the dead started to rise. Everyone who dies rises again to attack the living and create more walking corpses. Countries that had the infrastructure managed to withstand the event whereas countries torn by civil war, famine and scarcity were not so lucky. Altis was not so lucky. You are a drifter. A faceless roaming survivor of the aftermath earning a meagre living scavenging and selling loot. You are nothing. A nobody and when you die you become another nobody. Over and over. 


    Explore and pillage the island nation of Altis where the further you go the harder it gets. Battle across high risk/high reward loot zones where the better the gear the more dangerous the foe but don't stay out too long. You don't want to be outside a safe zone when night falls. Take on odd jobs. Kill zombies and bandits for money. Build up your cash to buy better gear to take on harder loot zones but beware, If you die you lose it all.










    Gameplay Videos



    Mission Summary



    - Random Events
    - Safe Zones
    - Vendors
    - Loot Zones
    - Tiered Loot system
    - Tiered enemies
    - Somewhat balanced progression
    - Repeatable missions
    - Mag repacking
    - Ambient, non intrusive, music
    - Custom dynamic spawn system that changes depending on day/night cycle.

    The main feature of this scenario is what I hope to be re-playable fun that you can either enjoy in short spurts or play over a couple hours.


    Whilst this project is functionally completed there is more I would have liked to do with it however due to time constraints / inexperience I've had to cut features out. Over time I would like to add things like a sort of bounty system / reputation system plus expand and add more variety to what's in this scenario.

    I can't make any promises, beyond bug fixing support, that I'll continue to add to this project though.


    - Apex
    - Contact
    - All free DLC
    - Ravage

    Reccomended Mods

    All these mods are located on the steam workshop.

    JSRS Sound Mod
    JSRS Reload Sounds
    Better Inventory
    Death Hit and Reaction Sounds
    Enhanced Movement
    Enhanced Movement Rework
    CE: Movement
    CQB Weapon Stance
    Dynamic Camo System
    Moving Stacks Rework
    No more Soul-Less Eyes
    Project SFX: Remastered
    Webknights Two Primary Weapons - This mod introduces an unintended consequence in the respawn system whereby the second primary weapon isn't removed.
    Rested Weapon Movement
    Modernized controls collection
    Enhanced Soundscape

    I use the above list of mods with this scenario however there are a couple very minor interactions with my scripts.

    Bug Reporting / Feedback / Suggestions

    Leave a comment here or on the steam workshop page

    I greatly appreciate any feedback and/or support.

    Change Log


    Update: 3 Apr @ 11:15pm
    _______ Fixes _______
    - Removed some old files that bloated the scenario size. Sorry!
    _______ Additions _______
    - Added a means to reset your score level (other than by dying and losing your stuff) if you kill Bluflor.
    Update: 5 Apr @ 6:44pm
    Removed Western Sahara requirement. Completely unintentional!
    I've been experimenting with making different versions of this scenario with different dlc's and mods in mind like Western Sahara and RHS mods.
    Update: 7 Apr @ 9:42pm
    _______ FIxes _______
    - Fixed Vehicle Tow script (missing semi colon)
    - Fixed lights not turning on in old evac camp
    _______ Additions _______
    - Added skip 3 hours feature to safehouse sleeping bags & to a chair next to stash table in old evac camp.
    - Added tutorial conversations to the Bar Mechanic and Bar Trader to explain some of mechanics of the scenario better.
    - Added some items to Loot Zone loot table.
    Update: 7 Apr @ 10:23pm
    _______ FIxes _______
    - Removed accidental addition of western sahara dlc items in the shop menu which caused blank empty lines with prices.
    Update: 11 Apr @ 11:26pm
    _______ FIxes / Optimisations _______
    - Optimised Cleanup script. Reduced stutter (I think) when script runs and script will only delete bodies after certain distance from player. Cleanup time extended to 20 mins per script loop.
    - Removed a seperate cleanup loop for mines. Now it's all in one script.
    - Made some edits to the respawn script. May help with the damage issues. Please report any more damage issues.
    - Fixed Mag Repack script breaking after loading save game
    - Fixed SP Respawn Script breaking after loading save game
    Update: 13 Apr @ 5:53pm
    _______ FIxes / Optimisations / Rebalance _______
    - Rebuilt the respawn script to function without a damage event handler. Eliminating the unitended mitigation of damage received.
    - Fixed safe zone guard spawns obstructing the entrances to safezones.
    - Added some missing mags to the trader list
    - Increased vehicle rearm price
    - Decreased bounty reward for zed and bandit kills
    - Lowered prices for attachments
    - Increased money loss when dying
    Update: 15 Apr @ 11:20pm
    _______ FIxes _______
    - Rewrote the add trader script and enabled the trader script to restart upon mission load after saving and exiting. This should fix the shop after resuming a saved game. Please let me know how this goes. This has changed how traders work slightly. You'll now need to look at the laptop in front of the trader to open the shop menu.
    Update: 20 Apr @ 1:00am
    _______ FIxes / Optimisations _______
    - Small reduction of loot crates that spawn in loot zones.
    - Fixed jobs completing after death. Now they fail if you die.
    - Upped undead rise timer to 4 minutes from 1min 30secs.
    - Fixed the cause of the object error message that occurs at the beginning of the mission.
    _______ New Features _______
    - Added hireable AI in safe zones.
    Update: 20 Apr @ 3:10pm
    _______ Optimisations _______
    - Small change to how the ambient bar radio is restarted on resuming save.
    Update: 22 Apr @ 9:39pm
    _______ FIxes _______
    - Properly integrated the gutting knife into the mission. It can now be bought from Barmen and found randomly on dead bodies and in loot zones.
    _______ Additions _______
    - Added an animal spawn script.
    - Made it easier to see where you need to go to refuel / re arm and repair your car. You can only do this with cars you've bought from the mechanic. To refuel or repair cars found in the world you'll need to buy the fuel and repair box from the mechanic (or loot them).
    Update: 23 Apr @ 9:08pm
    _______ FIxes _______
    - Fixed Bar Mechanic Tow script not working | Overlooked a missing bracket. Doh!



    Haleks for providing Ravage.
    Bohemia Interactive forums, for all the coding snippets, advice and support shared between members.
    George Floros [GR] for his excellent scripts, including single player respawn and clean-up
    Bangabob and Strider42 for the EOS scripts
    outlawed for the mag repack script.
    HallyG for the money shop scripts.
    R3evo for his simple conversation script.
    IndeedPete for his conversation system.
    IndeedPete for his drunk script.

    Music Credits

    None of the music present within this scenario is of my own work. All rights belong to the respective authors of the music played within this creation.

    Ambient Noodling - Rabea Massaad - https://www.youtube.com/@RabeaMassaad
    Serenity - Das Ungesagte - https://www.youtube.com/@DasUngesagte
    MooZe - Stalker OST Soundtrack - GSC Gameworld
    Ambient Song - andy othling - https://www.youtube.com/@AndyOthling


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  5. Hi peeps,


      I'm writing a script (cut and pasted from various other scripts) that spawns units while a player is inside the marker. I would like them to be deleted when the player has either moved outside the marker or moved a certain distance away. I have tried different methods and functions however they either throw errors or don't work as intended. One method that does delete the group will not work when the player moves outside the hot zone. I am a scripting noobie. Would anyone kindly be able to provide some advice please? Once the basic functionality is working I would like to expand this script much more.


    if (isServer) then {
    _Spawntarget = player;
    _Spawndistance = 100;
    _deleteDist = 150;
    _patrolDist = 500;
    _Spawngroups = [
    (configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "rhs_faction_vdv" >> "rhs_group_rus_vdv_infantry" >> "rhs_group_rus_vdv_infantry_squad")
    _Spawnmaxdelay =40;
    _Spawnavgdelay =50;
    _Spawnmindelay =60;
    _Spawnside = OPFOR;
    while {true} do {
       if (_Spawntarget inArea "HotZone_1") then {
           _SpawnPosistion = _Spawntarget getRelPos [_Spawndistance, round random 360];
           _NewGroup = [_SpawnPosistion, _Spawnside , _Spawngroups select (floor (random (count _Spawngroups)))] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;
    	   [_NewGroup, position leader _Spawntarget, _patrolDist] call bis_fnc_taskpatrol;
    	   systemChat "HotZone_1 Working";
    	if (_Spawntarget inArea "HotZone_2") then {
           _SpawnPosistion = _Spawntarget getRelPos [_Spawndistance, round random 360];
           _NewGroup = [_SpawnPosistion, _Spawnside , _Spawngroups select (floor (random (count _Spawngroups)))] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;
    	   [_NewGroup, position leader _Spawntarget, _patrolDist] call bis_fnc_taskpatrol;
    	   systemChat "HotZone_2 Working"; 
    		if ((_Spawntarget distance (units _NewGroup)) >= _deleteDist) then
    			{deletevehicle _x} forEach (units _NewGroup);
    	   sleep (random [_Spawnmindelay,_Spawnavgdelay,_Spawnmaxdelay]);