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  1. OR-3 Mateusz Skalbania

    Addon config

    Hi im new in all dedicated server stuff and i would like to know how to upload my addon options from scenario to my dedicated server. As i dont know how to / cant find any config files so i hope you guys could help me. Best regards Brzonki
  2. OR-3 Mateusz Skalbania

    Dedicated server.

    Well as i cant find any RPT files in my Dedicated server i will post here my in %localappdata% RPT file The code
  3. OR-3 Mateusz Skalbania

    Dedicated server.

    Heh... What is this. Im sorry but im very new at server hosting in arma and i only had expirence with games like SCP:SL or Minecraft from witch only SCP:SL is from my knowlage run at C++. Also i am using a simple Pterodactyl server witch makes a few things easier and some harder. From the harder things are stuff like finding a specific directory or a specific file.
  4. OR-3 Mateusz Skalbania

    Dedicated server.

    Hi so i just bouth a new server from a small hosting site that just deals with IP and Ports. So when i got the server i just tryed puting my scenario in and for some god saken reason it just wont let me play it. The console says 18:03:25 Reading mission ... 18:03:25 Error loading mission. 18:03:25 Mission OP2.NorthTakistan read from bank. 18:03:25 Roles assigned. over and over again untill i leave the server. As i read it has to do with CBA and setting in userconfig. But i kid you not its impossible to find, The whole day i was unable to figure out what the hell shoud i do so you are my last hope friends. Have a grate day Brzonki