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  1. Taim 1981

    Seasonal challenges not tracking

    How to contact them best?
  2. Taim 1981

    Seasonal challenges not tracking

    Still bugged here also. My kid still has no problem at all. So it's gotta be very random.... F our luck
  3. Taim 1981

    Seasonal challenges not tracking

    Same here. Another guy on fb page said same thing. He lost crowns thru it...
  4. Taim 1981

    Probleme et incoherence

    Me and my kid have same issue. It's a bug. Next update will fix it
  5. Taim 1981

    Knives any good?

    Or how to use them effectively? I don't see how so many players take knives into encounters... Tried em a few times but can't get kills with it.
  6. So I'm staring at this black screen saying only "all players connected, starting match in 0" This happens like 9 out of 10 tries when starting a tomato throwing elimination.... I can hear others playing and can even hear myself run and emote and all, but I keep seeing this black screen... Any others out there having the same issue? I'm on Xbox.