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  1. For some reason something happened to my scenario that was work in progress. It seems I accidentally done something that I cannot revert. It is almost like the scenario is in an inconsistent state and I can't find why. When I run the scenario I get the error below: WORLD : InitEntities 'world' ENTITY : Init entity @"ENTITY:2305843009213693953" ('GameMode_Plain2', SCR_BaseGameMode) at <9543.469727 31.629999 1673.062012> SCRIPT (E): NULL pointer to instance Class: 'SCR_GroupsManagerComponent' Function: 'EOnInit' Stack trace: scripts/Game/Groups/SCR_GroupsManagerComponent.c:655 Function EOnInit It also shows the popup saying there is a script error, etc. Then If I click to select the US group I get the following error in the console. SCRIPT (E): NULL pointer to instance Class: 'SCR_GroupSubMenu' Function: 'OnMenuShow' Stack trace: scripts/Game/Groups/SCR_GroupSubMenu.c:92 Function OnMenuShow scripts/Game/UI/Menu/SubMenu/SCR_SuperMenuBase.c:100 Function OnTabShow scripts/Game/UI/Components/WidgetLibrary/SCR_TabView/SCR_TabViewComponent.c:225 Function CreateTabContent scripts/Game/UI/Components/WidgetLibrary/SCR_TabView/SCR_TabViewComponent.c:307 Function SelectIndex scripts/Game/UI/Components/WidgetLibrary/SCR_TabView/SCR_TabViewComponent.c:349 Function ShowTab scripts/Game/UI/Menu/GameMode/SCR_RespawnSuperMenu.c:277 Function UpdateTabs scripts/Game/UI/Menu/GameMode/SCR_RespawnSuperMenu.c:293 Function HandleOnFactionAssigned scripts/Game/GameMode/Respawn/SCR_RespawnMenuHandlerComponent.c:138 Function HandleOnFactionAssigned scripts/Game/GameMode/SCR_BaseGameMode.c:862 Function HandleOnFactionAssigned scripts/Game/GameMode/Respawn/SCR_RespawnSystemComponent.c:705 Function SetPlayerFaction scripts/Game/GameMode/Respawn/SCR_RespawnSystemComponent.c:595 Function RpcDo_SetPlayerFaction scripts/Game/GameMode/Respawn/SCR_RespawnSystemComponent.c:477 Function DoSetPlayerFaction scripts/Game/GameMode/Respawn/SCR_RespawnComponent.c:553 Function RpcAsk_SetPlayerFaction scripts/Game/GameMode/Respawn/SCR_RespawnComponent.c:481 Function RequestPlayerFactionIndex scripts/Game/GameMode/Respawn/SCR_RespawnComponent.c:361 Function RequestPlayerFaction scripts/Game/UI/Menu/GameMode/SCR_RespawnSubMenuBase.c:393 Function RequestFaction scripts/Game/UI/Menu/GameMode/SCR_SelectFactionSubMenu.c:285 Function ConfirmSelection scripts/Game/UI/Menu/GameMode/SCR_RespawnSubMenuBase.c:363 Function HandleOnConfirm scripts/Game/UI/Components/WidgetLibrary/Button/SCR_ButtonBaseComponent.c:81 Function OnClick scripts/Game/UI/Menu/GameMode/SCR_DeployMenuTile.c:107 Function OnClick I tried removing everything from the scenario and adding it from scratch. I get into the same error all the times. Not sure if there is some type of caching that is going on... but it basically rendered my scenario unusable. SRS_GroupsManagerComponent line 655 is as follows: override void EOnInit(IEntity owner) { SCR_AIGroup.GetOnPlayerAdded().Insert(OnGroupPlayerAdded); //655 is here SCR_AIGroup.GetOnPlayerRemoved().Insert(OnGroupPlayerRemoved); SCR_RespawnSystemComponent respawnSystem = SCR_RespawnSystemComponent.GetInstance(); if (respawnSystem) respawnSystem.GetOnPlayerFactionChanged().Insert(OnPlayerFactionChanged); m_bConfirmedByPlayer = false; } I'm sure it is something simple, but just cant figure it out. One more information that is useful. Using the same MOD, I created a new world again based on Eden. The second I add the GameMode Plain I get the very same error. If I create a new MOD from scratch I can make it work no problems. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Hi. I wanted to have a custom action to my own prefab so that it will spawn a vehicle to a location. I created a paratemeter like below: [Attribute()] ref PointInfo spawnPoint; This is very nice because It would give me referential location for the spawn point. Then I have the following code to get the spawn location. private vector GetSpawnLocation() { vector position; spawnPoint.GetWorldTransform(position); return position; } The crash occurs when I try to GetWorldTransform. It throws a memory access violation and crash the whole Workbench. I can always use another object as a reference, for example: IEntity entity = GetGame().GetWorld().FindEntityByName(spawnTarget); return entity.GetOrigin(); But the problem is that this require me to know the name of the target object to copy the origin. Because I want to configure this on a prefab so that I can reuse the prefab everywhere I cannot rely on component name. Any other workaround that I could use? Any thoughts? Thank you!
  3. After some time messing around I find a quite easy workaround. Option 1 is to use a reference object for the Transform which is an array with 4 positions, each one is a vector. ref EntitySpawnParams params = new EntitySpawnParams(); referenceObject.GetWorldTransform(params.Transform); Second alternative is as follow EntitySpawnParams params = EntitySpawnParams(); params.TransformMode = ETransformMode.WORLD; params.Transform[0] = referenceObject.GetWorldTransformAxis(0); params.Transform[1] = referenceObject.GetWorldTransformAxis(1); params.Transform[2] = referenceObject.GetWorldTransformAxis(2); params.Transform[3] = referenceObject.GetOrigin(); Pretty clean... Hope this helps someone else 😀