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  1. Kalvoy YouTube Trailer/Showcase I'm currently hosting a Free-For-All server on this map! Can't guarantee it will have players, but search for "Kalvoy" in the server browser if you wanna hop on & try it out 🙂 Kalvoy (Kalvøy) is a small & dense map based in southern Norway. The map currently contains 3 walled off Free-For-All modes, and a plain sandbox mode. I've been working on this map for a few weeks, and plan on adding a couple of missions + doing playtests & bug-fixing. Bugs are to be expected, so feel free to comment here or @ me in the Arma discord if you want to report bugs or just give some feedback. Cheers! Doktor Plekter
  2. Hey! I've tried solving this a couple of times in the Arma discord, but no-one seemed to know what was happening. Whenever I try create a cinematic moving-shot on my custom-map, there is a very noticeable shadow-flickering ruining the shot. I think I've tried all different kinds of cinematic-settings, and even attempted re-building most of the lighting in my level, but the problem still persists.. and I am out of Ideas of what to do 😅 (This only happens on one of my maps) Example: As you see, the shadow end up in all different kinds of directions (only happens with the high-detail shadows) Does anyone know what's going on, or what I could try to fix this?