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  1. Sorted now 😄 thanks to this post and also help from AK-40oz i understand the rpl stuff a bit better lol
  2. Yeah most of all that just went over my head 🙂 but at least i have a direction to go now. You are correct. there is zero replication stuff in my code. Complete newb at this stuff so learning as i go. will have a read at what you linked. thanks for the info 🙂
  3. The UI updates fine at the start with default values all set apart from when i "Add" to the float it does not add it to the ui when on a Peer Client. The Issue Been trying to get my ui to update its values on a peer client but getting nowhere. Script runs perfectly fine on workbench client. but foodbar widget wont update itself on a peer client even tho the float is changed properly. class SCR_playerHungerNotifications: SCR_InfoDisplay Script is component of the Character. When i put a Print in the UpdateValues Function. it does not even print it when on a peer client. but it does print it on workbench client. Then when i want to add to the hunger value i call AddHunger(float value) in class SCR_HungerSystemComponentClass : ScriptComponentClass that is on the character It seems to update the value from seeing it change in console. but then the class SCR_playerHungerNotifications: SCR_InfoDisplay never updates it on the peer client. (works fine on workbench client) Any ideas or help would be great. Cheers Reax.