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  1. I've found that if you edit an entity within the prefab using the Object Properties / UI, manually inputting x, y, z and scale positions, the save menu lights up and you can save it and it stays. If you use the World Editor gizmos, within the viewport to move/rescale, the save button does not light up. So basically you can move and rescale existing entities within a prefab ONLY if you modify them via the Object Properties window (manually entering values). You still cannot add new entities in 😞 Surely this is a bug and not intended functionality?
  2. Hello, I want to create my own version of an existing building, for example a military bararck. I want to add some extra furniture, such as weapon racks, chairs, etc. I do the following: Find the Barack prefab in ArmaReforger > Prefabs > Structures > Military > Houses > Barracks_01_military_base.et ({5F97E54397247954}Prefabs/Structures/Military/Houses/Barracks_01_military_base.et) Right click and choose 'Duplicate', which creates a duplicate of this prefab in my project directory. Open my version of the prefab. Click 'Edit Prefab' in the top-right. This opens the prefab in World Editor. Find another prefab that I wish to add into the barrack, for example {AC98FF880BD0F2C2}Prefabs/Props/Furniture/Chair_01/Chair_01_base.et Place the chair in the scene, and make it a child of the House over-all entity like every other object. Note that the Save button does not light up. Save, Ctrl+S, also File > Force save Close the World Editor, re-open the prefab, click Edit Prefab, opens in World Editor again but the objects we added (the chair) is gone. Is this the same behaviour for everyone? One person in Discord said they were able to do it fine. I have tried all different ways to do this, none work. Thanks