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    Insurance cost to much for solos.

    I 100% agree. if you break it down into real world money using the lowest teir crown purchase it costs 1.62 US to insure for 1 round. They would make tons more revenue dropping it to 20 and you wouldn't see people only running crap equipment all the time.
  2. Crusisredux

    The Death of Vigor: Solved

    They desperately need to add muzzle flash, really frustrating when you have no idea where the shots are coming from.
  3. Been playing this week and have been enjoying myself for the most part. I wanted to show appreciation for BI's work so i bought the starter pack. I got the Use 7 Boosters challenge today and bought 4 in encounters then decided to switch to shootouts for a while and bought 3 more in one match and noticed i didn't get the challenge updates. After the match i'm still sitting at 4. Really frustrating when you have a challenge that requires you spend real world money (or 9 days of antenna time at max shelter) and get shafted because the challenge is poorly worded. So now this challenge is going to cost me 300 crowns instead of 210. Kinda frustrating.