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  1.   I will allow myself a few more wishes - your wonderful team is so successful in "patching holes" in the base Arma 3 (for which you have my respect), it would VERY do not hurt to expand the "drone" part of the game. You've made a great flying machine gun (which was so lacking in vanilla) - I'd like to see something similar and on the ground. There is an robot ED with a shotgun in the game ... it would be logical to have one with a machine gun like LIM. For mercenaries, this is just an indispensable device, it seems to me. And for the army factions (Blue and Red), something similar would be appropriate in the anti-tank version (with a couple of Raven-type missiles). Again, there is still no kamikaze drone in the game (salut from Green faction)....
    Well, if you really fantasize - for the FIA faction would be extremely useful, an air defense pickup. In Arma 2 there was a twin AA-turret of the Dzhigit type, she it would fit perfectly on the this car.

      If any of this turns out to be realized, surely not only I will be happy. In any case - thanks for your work, you are realy handsome.

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  2. Thank you for continuing to work on the DLC. It's great and gets better with time. Only you fix the shortcomings of the BASIC version of the game, while others complement the "side branches". This is especially valuable. If possible, a few wishes: light uniform CSAT (Iran) make also for the woodland version (China) and urban. And also add panama retexture for these three types of hex. Make a completely black version of ACP.45 (for ION). And for the atmosphere, there are VERY lacking headbands and machine-gun belts crosswise chest. Such additions could decorate a lot of different scenarios.


    Also add disposable grenade launchers (maybe ports from Arma-2 as an option?) RPG-18 and AT-4 types. And it would be absolutely great to port the Land Rovers from Arrowhead - such equipment is sorely LACKED in Arma-3. 

    P.S. From the more global - I would like to see SKS and RPD in the game. Nobody makes them, and these weapons are very common in Third World countries. And a submachine gun HK UMP 45 caliber. An excellent close range weapon for mercenaries.

    In any case, thanks for your work!

  3.  Firstly, thanks to the authors for addressing the topic WW2. Equipment and uniforms are made at a good professional level. Unlike prefabricated mods for the Second World level, the quality units is the same, it's nice to look at. The effects are generally excellent. Respect to the authors! The animation of holding some weapons was not very successful (I hope it will be fixed over time). And the almost total absence of motor transport (among the Allies) and light armored vehicles (among the Germans) is striking. This is implausible. They should be a lot more tanks. Need at least Willis, GMC and Kubelvagen. And SdKfz231 or SdKfz221 for germans. It is unclear the absence of armored personnel carriers with mortars. Separately, they are in the modification. But as self-propelled guns (as it was then) no. Strange.
     From other comments - the crews of guns 88 were completed only by Luftwaffe anti-aircraft gunners, and not by army artillerymen. In general, Normandy was characterized by a significant number of Luftwaffe airfield divisions as ordinary infantry. They are not here. Sadly. In addition, Wehrmacht sappers should have a black edging on their shoulder straps (like artillerymen - red). It was in Normandy that the Germans actively used camouflage with nets and branches due to Allied air strikes. It is not shown here. This significantly reduces the bar of historicity.
    Important - there are no paratroopers in the add-on (in Normandy, both sides actively used them as elite infantry). Their absence greatly reduces the historicity of the expansion. In addition, it was in Normandy that the Germans used different variants of captured French equipment (tanks, armored personnel carriers, cars). To indicate the binding to the terrain, I would like to see at least one or two copies of such equipment in the future. Somua 35 for example. They were also used by the Free French, which is featured in the supplement. Well, Nebelwerfer Where are the Germans without him :)

     In any case, I thank the authors and wish them good luck in their work on the development of the project. Hope it will.


  4. Good day! First of all, I want to thank the authors for the quality DLC. Really good... but a bit underfilled. Hence the question - will there be at least some development of this add-on? A little bit of extra content could have greatly affected its appeal to ARMA fans. Nothing special - just a little functionality and a little atmosphere. In terms of atmosphere - at least one more dust glasses and cross-machine-gun belts as a vest. And add army cap with camo UNA uniform, please. Plus the headband (black and red) for contractors and rebels.  As well as a retexture of the base Colt 45 in black (as you did with ADB). Camouflage AAF for armed SUVs. This is sorely lacking in all DLCs for "Arma". In terms of functionality - add a 12-gauge shotgun (like AA-12 from "Arma-2") and one-shoot rocketlauncher like RPG-18 or LAW. In ideal - a drone with a supply of grenades that can be "dropped" on the enemy. The drone model is already in 'Laws of War',  just need to refine the new feature. I'm sure this will greatly increase the value of your add-on in the eyes of the players. With excellent quality, it lacks content a little.
    P.S. And yes - a machine gun shooter in an armored jeep cannot be killed in the head when firing from the front and to the side. Please fix this bug. For the armored jeeps themselves - special thanks. A very useful thing.

  5. Good day! First of all, I would like to thank all the creators of this modification - this is the best addition to "Arma 3". I hope the development of the project will continue, now there is an imbalance of factions - the BRD army in the 80s, and the DDR more in the 70s. For example, the East really lacks light anti-tank armored vehicles based on the BRDM and the T-72 tank. I would like to wait for these machines in the game. As well as the Mi-8 helicopter. It would strike a balance.


    On 9/12/2021 at 2:26 PM, soulboy666 said:


    on the leopard when outsideview the hatch is not opened. it means the soldier who is outside glitches throug the turret hatch.

    There is such a trouble. With T-55 hatches, the same problem. The modification has very few bugs (which is great), and this makes the problem with tank hatches even more noticeable.

     I wish the authors every success in life and work. Guys, you are the best!