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    And does anyone know if there is a way to get past the 130m line limit? I can't tell if that limit is from the script or just ArmA's rope length limit. If so, if there anyway to bypass it, such as increasing rope stretch or linking one rope to another?
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    I use the SPIE "vehicle" from the Unsung mod, it works great.
  3. Also if you are in range for a helicopter, why not just land it and if you can't, McGuire, SPIE, or STABO them. The purpose of STARS was to allow long-range aircraft to extract ground assets in places where they couldn't land and helicopters were out of range.
  4. You are right that the STARS used flags in the day, but it also used lights in the night. In addition, STARS could extract up to 2 operatives at a time when the OND adopted it.