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  1. Libertas Legion: Autism has home Libertas Legion Autism has a home The Libertas Legion is no stranger to humor and entertainment, we understand that gaming is a for fun and enjoyment, a social activity to take the edge off of everyday life. That's why we are happy to be going strong for 8 years! Providing a home to many gamers looking for somewhere to settle and socialize. We don't babysit or police what you say, force acceptance or send admins to settle petty disputes, everyone is an adult and more than capable of sorting their own stuff out its none of our business!. Potential members should understand how we run, simply put join our voice chats and talk to other members, find games in common and set up a time or just join in the guys and gals, it's that easy. Our Requirements are straight forward: - Be aged 18 or over - Have Discord/Microphone - Speak Enough English to survive - Understand and be aware that freedom of speech applies to everyone - A sense of humor and ability to not take one's self seriously will go a long way If you think we are for you then please follow on, we don't restrict whether you are Male, Female or Apache Member. For more information, media and to join, please consider taking a look at our website: ---------- For more info or to join, come check us out at: [Click me!] https://www.libertaslegion.com [ARMA 3 SQUAD] https://units.arma3.com/unit/libertaslegion
  2. ========================================= Squad name: Libertas Legion Timezone/location : (EST/International Group) Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): PVP Contact email: N/A Website address: https://www.libertaslegion.com/ Short description: A casual Multigaming Community looking for players for arma, mainly wasteland, pvp style games, nothing serious. If you have a sense of humor and can appreciate a place that supports freedom of speech, expression and allows you to be yourself with a good social environment, please check us out. Language: English =========================================