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  1. Huck___

    Lag ugh

    What is up with all the lag tonight? Was doing the same thing yesterday. I’ve died 3 times now because when I hit the fire button there is so much lag it is causing a delay on firing and by the time it actually fires I am already off of target and it feels all jerky instead of smooth when moving around. Reset the dam servers or something ugh! And no it is not my internet connection causing it, already tested that.
  2. Huck___

    Travel Bag 🧳

    Is it just me or does everyone’s loot bag vibrate annoyingly like it either has Parkinson’s disease or a 36 volt vibrator stuck in the on position? This constant twitching, vibration, shaking motion drives me insane with my damn OCD grr 😖. Fix this stupid thing, make it stop 🛑😵‍💫😖☠️ Legit loosing my damn mind watching this stupid thing jiggle non stop!!!
  3. Huck___

    Shootout & Elimination?

    Why doesn’t shootout and elimination have rotating maps as well? It sucks playing the same maps over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…… Please make a rotation for these modes so we at least get a change of scenery. The repetition is awful. It’s not to much to ask and shouldn’t be difficult to do so let’s get it done Devs.
  4. Huck___

    Weapon ballistics

    Would be nice to have this information or a more effective target range with targets that we can actually see our hits on that don’t move, such as say paper silhouette at different ranges!? The recoil mechanics in this game are stupidly insane. As an avid gun owner and shooter I can tell you that very few firearms actually recoil to these degrees especially a M16 which has virtually no recoil due to its buffer spring and is also highly accurate unlike in this game. The fact that you have a 9mm doing more damage than a 45 is insanity as well. I wish game developers would actually enlist the aid of a expert in firearms and develop the shooting mechanics from there. It’s sad that most shooter games have the same problems and this games recoil, bloom and inaccurate damage is the worst I’ve ever encountered and shows what happens when devs don’t have even basic knowledge of how actual firearms operate! Fix this garbage, do some real research, hire a expert in the field and get this junk right for once! Don’t even get me started on the shotguns that this game would have one believe are only effective at near point blank range with a pellet spread like it was fired from a 12 inch pipe with no choke. Most unrealistic gun of all in this game! I don’t mean this to sound like I am hating on the game as I do enjoy playing but for god sake this crap already.
  5. Huck___

    Portable Signal Detector just to often in use

    None of that is what I am even talking about lol. I simply mean there needs to be a better balance. As it stands veterans have a pretty severe advantage and that is what hurts the game and drives new players away. It’s not the weapons so much as it is those two consumables, PSD & armor that need to be either early access white plans for new players or removed entirely to have a much more level playing field. Fights when they occur then will be more reliant on player skill based along with a little good or bad luck. If a hunter is dependent on a PSD then he/she isn’t much of a hunter anyhow so just remove the stupid things.
  6. Huck___

    Portable Signal Detector just to often in use

    French flair it is you who is doing the crying and if this game wants to survive then the playing field has to be balanced! Meaning the PSD and Armor needs to be early accessible to new players or flat out removed from the game. New players stand no chance against veterans who have the upper hand on the pace of the fight. Sure once in a while a new player gets lucky and gets the drop on the veteran using PSD’s but it is rare. Other than that the game is not bad but these need to be fixed. You can argue till your blue in the face because you don’t want to loose your precious advantage and have to actually earn your kills on a level playing field the old fashion way. Cry all you want to about it but facts are facts and changes need to be made. The whole point is to evolve and grow the game so what you had to do in the beginning is irrelevant to what is happening today. Sure PSD are limited to 2 but those 2 give a distinct and drastic advantage that is driving new players away especially when used in veteran groups.
  7. To all of you veteran hunters. I get a kick out of watching you waist your portable signal detectors on me. When you ping me I move and watch and see if I can reverse the kill. Many times when you can’t find me you will waist another PSD and if you are to close for me to move then I simply leave game and laugh at the resources you just wasted for nothing and I relish the thought that others are safe from your PSD in that match because you waisted them on me. The PSD seriously needs to be removed all together from this game or it needs to be downgraded to a white plan as well as lower the cost of making them so new players stand a chance against these azzholes that are running new players off. Same goes for armor, it needs to be a white plan to level the playing field across the board or remove it. If you want this game to survive and grow then fix this junk and stop the hate on new players!
  8. Huck___

    Portable Signal Detector just to often in use

    Limiting it to 2 doesn’t help when you get murdered because of it match after match! This stupid thing needs to be removed from the game. It gives too much of an advantage to the veterans who can craft it over and over. Makes new players rage quit which hurts the game community.