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    Harassment banned by game developers

    Battle eye I guess? I don’t play games often I just got into dayz on the PlayStation and moved over to a pc, I bought a pre built pc and installed steam and dayz. After about 20 mins I received something called a vac ban and thought maybe it was a error and no harm. Then I tried to contact them but they have no response to anything negative only positive. So I said screw it I’ll buy it again on a new account and yet still got banned next day. I’ve restored the pc and done everything possible to get away from the vac ban but even going live I might have the worlds fastest ban. I can make a account and buy the game and I’ll instantly get banned. I don’t know how to mod/glitch or what ever battle eye called it yet it’s something I’m blamed for. I just want to play the game I’ve bought 7 times.. I also read something about hardware bans and if that’s the case then that’s so messed up for someone who’s just trying to contact support
  2. In the course of 1 year I have bought dayz 7 times. You banned me while on live stream while I was doing absolutely nothing but base building. I proved it in my video but yet you guys ignored it and kept me banned without a reply. And every time after that with a new account no matter where I go or what I do I get banned. And I proved it’s your guys fault too because last night I started with a brand new pc that had nothing to do with my other account and yet BAM you guys still ban me. You have stolen so much money from me it’s pathetic and even more pathetic your company is so lazy you can’t give out reply’s. Dude fix your damn game and stop scamming people out of your service. I proved in videos I sent to you guys a year ago I wasn’t doing anything yet it’s still a problem.