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  1. I was trying to make an amphibious assault mission using the LAV-25 and the AAVP7/A1 from the CUP mod pack. When I placed the units in the ocean and gave them waypoints and started the mission they were unable to go anywhere in the water or move at all. The LAV-25 was able to move forward at a decent speed but I soon noticed that it couldn't turn in the water at all. I can drive the vehicles in the water just fine but the AI are unable to. I was wondering if there was a config to fix this or anything else I can do to make them move in the water so I can make this mission. Thank you in advance for any assistance. Much appreciated!
  2. I'm not sure I understand how to do that. Anyway there is a youtube video lol?
  3. I posted this thread a while ago . I was trying again to make a new mission using the same vehicles. The LAVs still work fine but the AVP don't. It's a real shame because these vehicles being in the game is very cool but they can't be used for what they are intended. I tried to get on the issue tracker on the CUP.org website but it wouldn't load. This is my attempt at reporting a bug.
  4. UPDATE: I moved closer to land and in the shallower waters the AAVp7/A1 can turn and move for a little bit but then they just stop again and are full throttle not going anywhere or turning. The LAV-25 after it reaches a certain point can turn and move fine but I have to make it lined up from its origin cuz for a while it can only go forward and not turn at all.