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  1. Any word on getting someone with a Ryzen 5800x3d to test? Obviously not downgrading from a 12900k, but could be a good indicator for next Ryzen generation switch.
  2. Screenfacer

    [Release] Liberation RX

    Why did you remove headless client support? I'm an idiot
  3. What version of windows are you using? Upgraded to 12900k(5.2GHz) and 4000CL15(Gear2) and only managed 107fps.
  4. Hit 92.1fps, better but still far from ideal https://imgur.com/a/MTw750Y
  5. He gets 128fps with overclocked 12900k and 4000CL14. I get 75 fps with stock 12600k and 4200CL18. Should the gap really be that big? What am I doing wrong? Considering ordering a 4000CL15 kit for myself